A short history lesson of the spat between Mahathir and Anwar

 By Mariam Mokhtar

OUTSPOKEN: We all know what Malaysian politicians say, but what do they mean? We are aware of the bitter rivalry between former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former deputy, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Their public spat has been brewing for at least thirty years.

Even after Mahathir’s retirement, the battle between the two, has not abated. Malaysia is desperately trying to move forward and discard the divisive ploys and unfair affirmative action policies which have split the nation, but Mahathir refuses to leave the limelight.

He has taken potshots at his successor, Tun Abdullah Badawi and the current PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Like a man possessed, Mahathir also sees fit to ensure Anwar’s destruction, before he dies.

Anwar is the greatest threat not just to Mahathir, but also to Umno-Baru. If Umno-Baru were to cease to exist, it would be impossible for Mahathir’s son, to continue the Mahathir legacy.

Najib may seem like a recurrent headache to Mahathir, but one which can be cured with a dose of aspirin. Anwar is a different proposition. He is like a growth in Mahathir’s head, that must be excised. Anwar is like the fatty deposits in Umno-Baru’s arteries. If the arteries remain clogged, blood flow may eventually stop.

Last January, soon after the Kajang Move was announced, Mahathir mocked Anwar and said Anwar was prepared to take “small steps”, just to become MB. In a Radio 24 broadcast, he said, “He (Anwar) has always wanted to become the government leader. If he cannot get the highest post, a smaller post at least would do for him.”

What Mahathir meant was, “I will not allow him to be MB, by hook or by crook.”
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‘I wear a veil, and I am with DAP’

The devout Muslim is covered in a veil, which only exposes her eyes. She has penned a novel, which raised eyebrows due to its erotic elements.

Among others, the book Pelacur Kelas Pertama (High Class Prostitute), purportedly based on a true life incident, is about marital sex abuse.

And now, the 22-year-old Universiti Selangor (Unisel) graduate is bound to raise the controversy bar a notch higher with her decision to join DAP.

In an interview with Malaysiakini today, Jamila Rahim, who writes under the pseudonym Melati Rahim, revealed her reasons for joining a party, whose detractors never tire of branding as a threat to the position of Malays and Islam.

“If you look at the DAP constitution, it places humanism and human rights as its main thrusts.

“In Islam, humanism is one of the core factors. So DAP is closer to the concept of justice as prescribed by Islam. And Islam is my main principle in life,” she said.
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In ‘Allah’ row, court allows SIB’s judicial review bid

The Court of Appeal has allowed Sidang Injil Borneo’s (SIB) bid to initiate a judicial review application over the use of the word ‘Allah’ in all publications for its congregations.

SIB is also seeking permission to import Christian religious books with the word.

The three-member Court of Appeal panel led by Justice Rohana Yusof unanimously decided to grant the leave (permission).

The other judges were Justices Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat and Abang Iskandar Abang Hashim.

“The threshold for the granting of leave is very low, that is prima facie, and we note the appellants have met the threshold and we allow leave.

“The decision of the Kuala Lumpur High Court is set aside,” Justice Rohana said.

With this, the KL High Court will hear the merits of SIB’s application, unlike previously, where it was shot down at its first instance. A mention date has been fixed for Oct 16 in Kuala Lumpur.

“The court orders that the case be remitted back to the High Court for it to be heard,” Justice Rohana said.

Previously, SIB failed to obtain leave to initiate a judicial review from the High Court inn Kuala Lumpur, resulting in this application by the church today.
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Experts: MH370 likely crashed further south

MH370 A group claiming to be independent experts said the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) should be searching further south in the Indian Ocean for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

It said based on its extensive analysis, the aircraft is most likely to have crashed some 2,554km southwest of Perth.

“Our ‘most probable’ end point is located at 37.71°S 88.75°E … further to the south than any of the currently announced potential search areas,” said the group of experts dubbing itself the Independent Group.

In a report released last week, it urged the ATSB and relevant bodies to release more data to the public so as to help its analysis.

The location is some 900km southwest from the priority search area, and about 500km southwest from the medium search area defined by the ATSB on June 26.

However, it still falls within its wide search area.

The same area was covered by air and ships on March 19, 12 days after MH370 went missing and the second day Australia started searching the southern Indian Ocean.

However, the ATSB had announced in its weekly updates that the multinational Search Strategy Working Group has also refined its analysis.

This means the priority search area is expected to shift further south as a result.
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Malaysia Agreement void after S’pore’s exit

Former Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) vice-chairperson Simon Sipaun believes that the Malaysia Agreement should have been abrogated following the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.

This is because Singapore, being one of the five signatories, had ceased to be a party to the Agreement, said Simon at a forum titled ‘Revisiting the Malaysia Agreement 1963′.

The Malaysia Agreement was signed in 1963 between United Kingdom, Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore whereby the four latter parties formed a union named Malaysia. Two years later, Singapore left Malaysia to become an independent state.

“Some say the Agreement is [still] valid, some say it is not. I personally think it should be abrogated,” said Simon at the forum organised by Negaraku, which was attended by around 60 people.

He also argued that the Agreement should be revisited.
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Sex blogger: Life without Alvin ‘more peaceful’, says Vivian

by tan yi liang

PETALING JAYA: For Vivian Lee (pic), the ex-girlfriend of sex blogger Alvin Tan, life has been “actually more peaceful and serene” in the three months since the 26-year-old Tan jumped bail to seek asylum in the United States.

“We used to fight a lot. Most of the fights were over petty issues,” said the 25-year-old Lee.

Lee said in Facebook messages to The Star Online that while the couple had in fact reconciled after a much-publicised split this January, she now considers their break-up official following Tan’s disappearance to the United States.

“Since he’s confirmed to be in the US and has cut off all communications with me, I suppose the break-up is now official. I still miss him occasionally, but I think I’m past him,” said Lee.

She added that not being able to part ways with Tan like adults and “say our proper goodbyes” was one of her regrets, adding that she had learned a lot from Tan, whom she called “a charming man”.

“I want to thank him for the times we had, both the good and bad. I’m grateful that the public is more interested in him, and that has allowed me to carry on with my life without the glaring attention,” said Lee.

She added  that Tan’s current focus on making political statements and challenging the authorities has made her previous collaborations with him, their now-defunct “Sumptuous Erotica” sex blog and their “Sexcussions with Alvivi” YouTube channel “seem insignificant”.
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Taibs get RM150m contract for museum about themselves!

Taibs Get RM150m Contract For Museum About Themselves!

Emperor's Clothes - Taib shows who's boss

Sarawak Report

Fresh from his lavish ‘Birthday Celebration’ the vainglorious Governor and de facto Sarawak ruler, Taib Mahmud, has sanctioned the construction of a new museum, dedicated to himself.

As the Borneo Post explained it:

 “the museum will showcase the sacrifices of past and present leaders of Sarawak, including all heads of state and chief ministers…… especially Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud”.

After all, Taib has been in office all of the 50 years since independence, 33 of them as Chief Minister.

Before him was his uncle.

So, to whom better should the state award this RM150million cement, glass and aluminium eye-catcher than the Taib family controlled company, Naim Cendera?

This way, the old boy gets to profit mightily from his own adulation, pleasing him on both fronts in time honoured practice. Continue reading

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