Of prostitutes, peace and chivalry

Dyana Sofya

Dyana Sofya suffers from dysania and is using her superpowers to pen down her thoughts late into the night. Political Secretary to Lim Kit Siang by day and she tweets from @dyanasmd.

OCTOBER 20 — It is an interesting exercise to browse through the many comments on my Facebook fan page. Reading through them recently, I began to notice a pattern. Generally, there are three types of comments: positive, negative and commiserative.

The positive comments mostly take the form of motivating words of encouragement. These are my favourite, and I am eternally grateful for the constant show of support from Malaysians of all walks of life. They have never failed to fuel me with positive energy or pick me up when I feel down.

As for the negative comments, they are as colourful as one would expect them to be. From the usual name-calling, gender stereotyping to all kinds of discriminating attacks, I have learned to accept them as part and parcel of public life. In fact, I sometimes find it entertaining, as it takes a special breed of people to be able to be so shallow and perverse.

However, there is one more type of comment that has become a constant feature in almost every thread. I find these quite puzzling. Somehow, there seems to be quite a few people out there who find it necessary to convey their pity or sympathy because they feel I am being “used.” Often, they would also predict that I would one day “wake up” and realise that I am in the wrong struggle, and that I would eventually “return” to the true path.

While I thank them for their “concern”, I would also like to express my own concern about the patronising culture of our society. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that we young Malay women are able to think for ourselves and have the capability (and yes, the right) to decide what we want to do and how we want to do it? Continue reading

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Better fat ministers than the current corrupt crop

(Left): Maggie

QUICK TAKE: Much is reportedly being said by critics about a woman minister tasked with leading Belgium’s fight against obesity, the long and short of it is that some say that the 127kg politician is too fat to be minister of public health.

While I do perhaps understand the painful irony that critics are trying to point out, but perhaps as the saying goes, sometimes it takes a thief to catch a thief, and an obese to solve obesity.

And more so when it comes to our Malaysian context, many of us I believe would rather have a public official that is obese and can do the job than one who is less bulge-endowed but corrupt and spendthrift.

While Belgium’s Maggie Be Block may weigh more than the average politician, she is reportedly popular due to her no nonsense and tough measures as immigration minister.

The weight of her time in public office is not due to how much she weighs but how good she has been in her job, this made her popular and indeed reportedly tipped as the next premier.

As news reports quoted, the general medical practitioner of over 25 years has proven with her previous political posting, there is muscle and not only fat behind her rotund exterior.

A claim that as far as the Malaysian public is concerned, nary a single of our ministers can rightly claim to be.
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Forget Nancy, save the venom for Ibrahim Ali

Nurul Izzah tells Nancy critics the real culprits are Ibrahim Ali, the PM and the AG.

nancy_nurul_300PETALING JAYA: Lembah Pantai MP and PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar has called for restraint in the criticism of de facto Law Minister Nancy Shukri over her explanation of the government’s decision against punishing Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali for his Bible burning threat.

In an interview with FMT, Izzah said the critics should instead be directing their venom at Ibrahim, especially since Nancy herself had indicated her personal disagreement with the Attorney-General’s decision.

She noted that no other Cabinet minister had shown Nancy’s courage in expressing her feelings against the decision.

“The continuing vilification of Nancy Shukri must be tempered with some compassion in light of her public declaration rejecting the misguided beliefs of Ibrahim Ali,” she said.

“We must not lose sight of the real culprit, the real racist, the bigoted Ibrahim Ali and his extreme and totally unIslamic call for the burning of Bibles.” Continue reading

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Zairil and Dyana? Gutter politics at its worst, says DAP man


GEORGE TOWN: A few photographs of Penang DAP vice-chairman Zairil Khir Johari depicting him in intimate poses with former Teluk Intan by-election candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud has left the former unfazed.

When contacted, Zairil said he had seen the photographs of him with Dyana in a few “intimate poses”, posted on what is believed to be a fake Facebook account made to look like it belonged to Zairil.

“I don’t wish to comment on this; All I can say is that this is gutter politics at its worst.

“I’m not surprised as even my mobile phone has been hacked before,” said the Bukit Bendera Member of Parliament. Continue reading

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Nancy, think hard first before you speak in parliament

From left: Ibrahim and Nancy

QUICK TAKE: I will be fair to Nancy Shukri. I don’t know her personally. Neither am I familiar with her constituency of Batang Sadong.

Nancy was an unknown until she contested in the 2008 general election, several years after I had quit active politics in Sarawak. I must apologise to my fellow Sarawakian because I have to search Wikipedia for information on her even though she is already a public figure and a minister. That’s how little I know of her.

A sentence of interest from the search and worth penning here for the record is that “before entering parliament, Nancy was the chairperson of the Sarawak Federation of Women’s Institutes and she is married with three children”.

So I can surmise that Nancy was noticed due to her work among women. This is well and good and I do appreciate and recognise the important role of women in voluntary social work.

It takes much more effort and diligence to be an effective social worker for working mothers and Nancy is one of them.

However, social workers do not necessarily make good politicians nor leaders. And I was really surprised that Nancy was appointed a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and tasked with the senior portfolio of de facto law minister.

Nancy was among four PBB leaders from Sarawak who were appointed full ministers by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak after the general election in March last year. This was clearly a reward for PBB as the party delivered all the seats it contested to the BN.

But is greenhorn Nancy Shukri ready for the job, many must have wondered then.
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Topless women cause a stir at Port Dickson beach

Getting a tan: The four women at Pantai Saujana in Port Dickson.

Getting a tan: The four women at Pantai Saujana in Port Dickson.

PORT DICKSON: Four women caused a stir when they were seen sunbathing topless at Pantai Saujana here.

An eyewitness said passers-by stopped to look at the bikini-clad Caucasian women who did not seem bothered.

He said the women, three of whom were believed to be in their 20s while the fourth one was 40-something, were swimming there earlier.

It was about 3pm and the beach was not crowded then, he said.

“However, as the crowd got bigger, the women got out of the sea and walked back to shore.

“Then they lied down on the beach and were unperturbed,” he added.

It could not be verified whether the four women were staying at any of the hotels along the stretch.
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Nancy says she does not support Ibrahim Ali or his religious views

by Lian Cheng

KUCHING: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Nancy Shukri said she never supported Perkasa president Dato Ibrahim Ali and his religious views.

Speaking through her political secretary Mohammed Kamaluddin Effendie here yesterday, she said coming from a multi-racial background, she would never support any religious or racist statements or action against non-Muslims.

Nancy has come under intense attack, especially from netizens, after she answered in Parliament the question why Ibrahim was not charged for his call to burn the Bibles.

“Neither the police nor AG (Attorney-General) can give any reply in Parliament. I, as the de-facto Law Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, had to do it on their behalf. Whatever were the findings of the police or the decision of the AG, I read it out in Parliament because they could not do it there.

“It must be made known that it was the AG’s decision not to charge Dato Ibrahim under the Sedition Act, and the decision was made based on the police investigation.

“As a minister or one of the leaders of the nation, I have to support the rule of the law, but it does not mean I agree with Dato Ibrahim’s extreme views,” the Batang Sadong MP told The Borneo Post yesterday. Continue reading

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