Eight-year-old forced to perform oral sex. Isn’t this sickening?

QUICK TAKE: It is a fact that most children today are behaving way beyond their age. Right, we can describe them as more inquisitive and smarter than kids of their parents’ generation.

Kids barely three years of age nonchalantly unlock smart phones, play computer games, watch videos and do other tasks that still pose a challenge to some in the “older generation.”

Back in those days, the “priorities” for most of us when we were eight would have been watching cartoons, playtime with siblings, doing homework and munching on tidbits and sweets – in no particular order.

However, reading what a bunch of rogue kids did in this story may just make you lose faith in our future generation.

A group of eight-year-olds in a school in Sabak Bernam had something more vulgar in mind.

The Star daily has reported that one of the boys forced a classmate to perform oral sex on him while four others watched the despicable act in the school toilet on Aug 13.

All this because the “victim” had asked the perpetrator how he had managed to sneak a toy gun into the school.

Wait! How the hell does an eight-year-old know about oral sex, to begin with?

What did the boy’s parents teach him at home – if at all they paid attention to whatever he was doing?

Is it something in the food kids eat nowadays that make them “blossom” a bit too soon?

The victim’s mother claimed that her son is traumatised by the incident and refuses to go back to school now.

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Don’t use ‘anti-secession’ card to silence debate


MP SPEAKS I opine that the recent proposal by Sabah state legislative assembly speaker Salleh Said Keruak for the authorities to act on secession talk is premature and without thought.

I believe, contrary to what Salleh’s (top) assumption of secession, the cries of Sabahans are not on secession per se but rather anger resulting from a cumulative feeling of utter disappointment and disrespect that Sabah and Sabahans have endured since the formation of the Federation of Malaysia.

Sabahans are now fast becoming aware of what we have lost as the equal partner in the founding of the promised Federation of Malaysia.

We have seen how our social demography have changed, how the distribution of wealth between the so-called remaining founding partners of the Federation of Malaysia is, from then to today.

We note the distorted history along with today’s unequal administration of the Federation of Malaysia, the ownership of our oil and gas assets, and hosts of serious problems like illegal immigrants becoming citizens.
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DAP raps Adenan for ‘lip service’ to Sarawak

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem, who took over as head of the state government on Feb 28, has only been paying ‘lip service’ to his promises to change Sarawak for the better, says Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen.

“Adenan should implement some policy reforms before calling for a state election to show to the people that he is sincere and is resolved to change Sarawak for the better.

“I have listed a 10-point reform to help him improve the administration of the state government,” Chong (left), who is Kota Sentosa assemblyperson and MP for Bandar Kuching, told a press conference yesterday.

Not all of the 10-point policy reforms, Chong said, could be implemented over a short term, but Adenan should consider introducing first the implementation of open tender for all government projects.

The corrupt alienation of state lands for plantations and logging can also be halted quickly, as well as the introduction of a freedom of information law.
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Trio killed in MRT mishap were childhood friends

The three Bangladeshi workers crushed to death when a span of the guideway at the MRT Corp worksite in Kota Damansara became dislodged from its piers and fell were childhood friends.

According to a report in Bangladesh’s English newspaper, The Daily Star, the three went to school together and left for Malaysia in search of a better life.

“They found employment. They were happy that at long last their fortunes were about to change. That was not to be, for what lay in store for them was a tragic end.

“They died as they had lived, in close friendship. Death came to them at the same time, making sure their friendship endured even if life in the end cheated them,” read the report.

The tree were Elahi Hossain, 31, Alauddin Mollik, 34, and Faruk Khan, 38. Elahi and Alauddin came to Malaysia in May looking for work.

“My husband could not hear our little daughter Ashfa speak the word Baba [father].

“He asked me at noon on Monday if our daughter had learnt to speak,” said Shampa Khatun, the widow of Alauddin.

“I can’t see my future. How will I take care of my daughter?” she was quoted as saying.
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Lifelike sex dolls turn up the heat


QUICK TAKE: You can trust the Japanese for leading the trend in many things.

Diligence, sense of owning up to a mistake and taking responsibility, punctuality, work discipline and … kink.

As many may already know, the Japanese are notorious for taking porn to a whole new level. This includes “Hentai” aka manga porn, tentacle sex, and incorporating liberal show of skin and sexual acts in game shows.

A Japanese company has now created a sex doll so realistic that users may just forget they are interacting with a non-human entity – website elitedaily.com recently reported.

The silicone doll, which costs above US$1,500 (close to RM5,000), comes complete with realistic looking eyes, hair, a pout and a thigh gap to boot.

These dolls also come with their own line of clothing and are completely customisable. They also have movable joints so users can move the dolls into any positions they like.

A spokesman for the company, Orient Industry, was quoted as saying that the dolls are hardly distinguishable from a real woman.

“The two areas we identified as really needing improvement were the skin and the eyes. We feel we finally have something that is arguably not distinguishable from the real thing.

“The dolls are part of a high-tech industry in Japan, which is constantly looking at ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible,” Osami Seto was quoted as saying.

Closer to home, lonely men in Malaysia can also opt to buy sex dolls online.

Gone are the days where inflatable rubber dolls with orifices at the right places were the rage. Now dolls come with implanted hair, complete sets of sexy clothing and even programmed voice mechanism to provide the “moans”.

A simple search on the Internet reveals that many local websites sell a varied set of dolls, which they claim are “the finest and most sophisticated”.

One such site, hadiah4u.com, advertises a 38kg doll with inbuilt metal skeleton for “any posture you like, just like real human”.

“Body, muscles and skin, soft silicone like real human’s flesh and muscles” boasts the description.
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Mahathir: Najib soft and silent on critical issues

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is “soft” and often silent on important issues in the country, says former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This, he explained, is among the reasons for his stinging blog posting criticising Najib (right) this morning.

“He is too soft and many other things… Sometimes he does not respond, he just stays quiet.

“When there are problems he also does not take action,” he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur tonight.

However, Mahathir said he was not asking Najib to step down but was merely airing his displeasure.

“I am not asking him to step down, I am saying that I disagree with his policies,” he said.
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The trouble with Wan Azizah is…

The people who doubt Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s suitability as Selangor menteri besar (MB) and who claim that Malaysia is not ready to accept a woman to govern either the state, or the nation, are wrong. Step forward, the self-appointed ‘First Lady of Malaysia’ (FLOM), Rosmah Mansor.

In the past, many people, especially those from Umno Baru, despised the FLOM because they believe that she was masquerading as the FLOM when she was really the prime minister. Najib Abdul Razak, they said, is her proxy. So, are the critics of Wan Azizah afraid that the top echelons of political power will become too crowded with women? So, who are the groups which are sabotaging Wan Azizah?

Many people claim they want change, but when faced with opportunity for change, which is to have Wan Azizah as the MB, they develop cold feet. They fear uncharted waters. Dr Wan Azizah is not unfit to be MB, but Malaysians are afraid of change.

The trouble also lies with the indecisive politicians, in Umno Baru, BN, Pakatan and PAS, and the conservative people who want to retain our patriarchal society.

The people who currently hold the reins of power know that when Wan Azizah turns the country around, they will be in trouble. They know they will lose power, status and wealth, and be punished for their past crimes.

The men who fear a woman at the top are probably afraid that a woman will show up their weaknesses.
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