A glimpse at prostitution

Boo Su-Lyn

Boo Su-Lyn is a feminist who loves reading fiction. She tweets at @boosulyn.

OPINION: I did some research on prostitution recently and found a website that reviews prostitutes in Malaysia.

For the uninitiated, the website will seem like a confusing mess of acronyms. The reviews, or field reports as they’re called, are filled with acronyms and words like NL, CKT, Capati, PRC, Bakso and Tomyam to describe the prostitute’s ethnicity.

The sex worker’s services are listed in another compendium of acronyms like BBBJ, CIM, DATY, FJ and GFE. NL is short for Nasi Lemak to denote Malay ethnicity. CKT stands for Char Koay Teow, or local Chinese. Capati means local Indian. PRC refers to a China national. Bakso and Tomyam respectively refer to Indonesian and Thai prostitutes.

The johns systematically rate a prostitute’s various services on a scale of 1 to 10. The prostitutes’ numbers are rarely provided on the website. Instead, men trade prostitutes’ numbers like Magic cards. Some even sell the phone numbers at RM50 for three. The prostitutes’ nicknames are used most of the time. Sometimes though, they’re just referred to with a number.

On Malaysian escort agencies’ websites, the sex workers are described like products or food. They are “delivered” like pizza. The women are called “young and fresh.” Some websites also feature photos of them posing in lingerie, a shot of deep cleavage or the curve of an ass. Continue reading

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‘Something amiss when an extremist becomes CJ’

By Lim Kit Siang

COMMENT The question more and more lawyers and Malaysians are asking is how an extremist with racial and religious prejudice like Abdul Hamid Mohamad could rise up to become chief justice, the top judicial officer of the land.

Last month, Hamid shocked the judicial community and Malaysians when he waded into treacherous waters and warned at the so-called National Unity Convention that Malays will become “Red Indians in their own land” if Umno and PAS do not co-operate to defend the government from DAP and PKR.

Hamid was never interested in national unity in the sense of Malaysian unity, but only in his concept of Malay unity.

He also did not explain how, after 57 years of Umno government under six Umno prime ministers, Malays and Islam have come under threat.

Neither did he elaborate whether 57 years of Umno government under six Umno prime ministers had been such dismal failures that Malays and Islam are under siege today.

Hamid, who was elevated to the highest judicial post when he was appointed chief justice from 2007-2008, succeeding Fairuz Abdul Halim and preceding Zaki Azmi, had exhibited extremist tendency even when he was a judge.
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Najib: Bring painless circumcisions to the world

khatan sunat

PEKAN: Malaysia could find a new export market and cater to Jews and Muslims alike, following a suggestion by the prime minister, Najib Tun Razak.

It lies in circumcision technology that makes it painless, and simple and safe to perform circumcisions.

Speaking at a mass circumcision ceremony in his parliamentary constituency of Pekan here today, Najib suggested that local companies look into exporting the use of circumcision technology.

The latest technology such as the Flushcutter, Tara Clamp, Sunathrone and Laser Carbon dioxide could reduce the feeling of pain during circumcision, he said.

Circumcision was not only compulsory among the Muslims but also among believers of other religion such as the Jews. Continue reading

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Are Malays starting to leave the country?

Marina Mahathir told Malay Mail Online in October she knows of several Malays who say they do not want to return to their homeland. — Picture by K.E.OoiMarina Mahathir told Malay Mail Online in October she knows of several Malays who say they do not want to return to their homeland. — Picture by K.E.Ooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 — The South China Morning Post has suggested that Muslim Malays are starting to leave Malaysia as the country’s lurch towards authoritarianism and fundamentalism starts to bite.

A report in the weekend edition of the Hong Kong paper, titled: “Malay Muslims fleeing country as fundamentalism takes hold” painted a grim picture and suggested an exodus of members of the majority race but gave no numbers or hard data.

It cited a female researcher so disgusted with the state of affairs after her shared accommodation with other women was searched for the presence of a man by Islamic authorities on a morality raid that she has resolved to leave the country in two years.

“An anonymous phone call to the religious department alleging a man was seen entering her flat was all it took for the religious officials to descend on her home,” the paper said, adding that six or seven men from the Selangor State Islamic Department (Jais) had entered her flat.

Unaccompanied by any woman, the men were said to have searched all the bedrooms, closets and even under the bed.

“I don’t feel safe in this country anymore,” the researcher was quoted as saying. “It’s like you are guilty until proven innocent. Anyone can make a phone call to accuse another person out of malice or vengeance and, without proof or investigation, the religious authorities will come to your place.” Continue reading

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Ambiga: Stop harassing Christians

Former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan has called on the authorities to stop harassing Christians.

Ambiga said the 10-point agreement on these issues must be explained to the police and other enforcement officers.

“Malaysia is fast gaining fame for its Bible-seizing activities

“I believe the public deserve to know where these orders to seize and arrest are coming from and the basis of those orders,” she told Malaysiakini.

Ambiga was responding to the police seizing hymn books containing the word “Allah” from Catholic priest Cyril Mannayagam (right) in Johor.

She also concurred with views expressed by lawyer Andrew Khoo, who said Section 298A of the Penal Code, which was used to detain the Catholic priest, had already been declared unconstitutional in 1988 and was struck out.

“I agree with Khoo. I am particularly disturbed at the high-handed approach by the police,” Ambiga said.

On Dec 5, Johor police detained Mannayagam for questioning after he had sent the hymn books for photocopying in Tangkak.

The books were meant for Orang Asli parishioners. However, the police opted not to pursue a case against the priest.
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Use ‘secret weapon’ on hubby, says Rosmah

Women should use their “secret weapon” instead of bugging their husbands to buy them things, said Rosmah Mansor.

The wife of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak suggested that women employ their “soft touch” and powers of persuasion.

“Don’t ask him too many things. Don’t ask him ‘I want this, or I want that’, men do not like that, am I right? If he wants to give, he’ll give it. You can hint, but don’t ask and don’t force them to get it for you.

“You can always persuade. We’ve got our secret weapon, so use it to the very best we can,” she said amid a resounding applause.

Rosmah was speaking at the launch of MCA’s Legal Advisory and Women’s Aid Centre (Lawa), of which she is the patron.

Sharing her thoughts on relationships, she said that wives must obediently stand by their husbands, just as how she is with Najib.

They should selflessly serve their men, regardless of their profession.
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Malaysiakini most searched news site for 2014

Malaysiakini has emerged as the nation’s most searched news website according to Google Trends’ year-end Top 10 list released recently.

The news portal topped the search charts ahead of Berita Harian, Kosmo, Sinar Harian and Malay tabloid Harian Metro respectively under the news sites category.

The most searched topic among Malaysians was the MH370 tragedy in March, when a MAS passenger flight en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared, followed by the 2014 World Cup and the MH17 tragedy in July, when a MAS flight en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over Ukraine.

Of the World Cup matches, the most searched match was between Brazil and Germany, where the latter delivered a shock 1-7 defeat to the host country.

Meanwhile, former DAP chairperson Karpal Singh, who passed away earlier this year after a fatal car accident in Perak, was the most searched individual for 2014.
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