Happy George Chan becoming a father again?

KUCHING – SUPP President Dr George Chan is a very happy man these days. He can now confirmed that he has married Lorna Enan Muloon, his companion for the past few years.

At a press conference here early this week, the deputy chief minister was in a jovial mood as reporters sidetracked to ask about his private life.

Asked that with a new wife, could there be the sound of tiny pattering feet, Chan replied,  “Ya, ya, ya.” Then, putting on a stern face, he said, “Why you people are so interested in my personal life?”

When told that everyone wanted to rejoice with him, the 74-year-old veteran politician flashed a big smile, adding happily “everything is possible, hahaha” to the question of having babies with his new wife.

Chan was formerly married to Judith with whom he has three daughters. One of their daughters, Anisa Hamidah Abdullah, is married to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s  second son, Sulaiman.

Lorna is the adopted daughter of the late Joseph Balan Seling, a former state minister. She is from the Kelabit community.

Chan married Lorna in a private ceremony about a year ago. The happy couple have been  attending public functions together of late. – Sarawak Update

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8 Responses to Happy George Chan becoming a father again?

  1. Lady in Red says:

    Life is too short lah! Let him enjoy life. That is why God created woman. To make a man happy ! Everyone deserves a second chance to be happy , regardless of age.

    • Freddy Bohari says:

      With such a beautiful and young wife, would Dr Chan be able to concentrate on leading SUPP and administering the State Government? If we study how beautiful women affect men, it is highly probable that he would.

      It is a curious observation that men who are very ambitious tend to keep women besides their official wives. In some cases, these women become their new wives. Silvio Berlusconi comes to mind (being a real man, he readily admits to loving women). Bill Clinton once had a tryst in the White House. Dr Chua Soi Lek was a red blooded old hound too. Effendi Norwawi blew his chance to become a future Chief Minister of Sarawak by fooling around with a famous actress who eventually ended up as his wife and datin. Remember Datuk K? Need I mention Datuk Anwar? (Does he count? I mean… you know.) You know Mawan? All very powerful, ambitious and powerful or power-crazy people.

      Nobody can deny that sex can really make sedentary people feel alive and powerful. What with the heart beating at 100 beats per second and the puffing and sense of power over the woman, who is at your beck and call…the sense that you still have it all…

      Anybody wants to bet on the present Chief Minister of Sarawak taking a new wife any time soon? Maybe before the next election, just to get new oil for his engine before traversing every corner of the state? Nothing is impossible. We can be assured that there are a lot of pretty ladies out there who will jump at the opportunity to hit the jackpot!

      Okay, to be fair to those who do not like those lucky devils, just remember the previous Sultan of Selangor. His Highness had a ‘blooming’ flower of a consort. Well, His Highness didn’t live long enough though.

      • Voter says:

        Georgie is leading SUPP to a suicide – married or otherwise.

        Let him enjoy the pitter patter of small feet in peace – vote him and the rest of the ‘tow-in-line’ SUPP leaders OUT of office!

      • sotsot says:

        do u meaning to say that we need a monk to lead our city even country? come on..which professional party or even professor did that claim before?

  2. cempaka says:

    What did she do (apart from being the wife) to earn the datukship?

  3. sotsot says:

    come on..who or which professor or even which professional party members saying that once a man had a young and beautiful wife will not be able to concentrate on their regular task or job??? Zzz

  4. vivian says:

    yes ppl of SARAWAK think of your family , children n grands how are they going to pay the MALAYSIA DEBT ????????????????
    so why not get a chance to CHANGE ?????????????????
    only CHANGE we can overcome
    NO CHANGE NO CHANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is our ONLY CHANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wake up hu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPL OF SARAWAK

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