Dewan Speech delivered on 4.11.2010 touching on CM’s family’s wealth and Sarawak Report

Attending DUN is always considered one of a vital duty for me as a people’s representative. This is the time when I would forward the grievances of the people to the Government. It has always been a challenge for us few in the Opposition to tell the unfair policies, point out the wrongs of the government and to ask for the people’s needs as we are the minority.

When I read out my text of speech in the Dewan last Thursday i.e. 4.11.2010, it was not smooth sailing. I was interrupted many times by the Speaker, Bawang Assan ADUN Wong Soon Koh and Pelagus ADUN Larry S’ng in particular when I touched on the nerves’ issues on the wealth of Chief Minister’s family members. But I told myself, the truth has to be told for the people’s sake.

I have the feeling that the BN state government is so scared that the truth be known to the people, the Hansard for my speech recorded on 4.11.2010 is still not furnished to all members until today.

Please go to YB Violet Yong’s blog to hear her speech which was censored and deleted from Sarawak DUN Hansard – Video Speech included

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