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Baru Bian is MoCS’s choice as chief minister

KUCHING – Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian is the choice of the Movement For Change, Sarawak (MoCS) to be the chief minister of Sarawak should Pakatan Rakyat comes into power after the next state election. “Today, MoCS officially endorses Baru … Continue reading

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PRS strongman quits BN, slams ‘bully’ Taib

By Joseph Tawie KUCHING – In a shocking move Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s (PRS) strongman Tedwin Ngumbang has quit the party he founded, slamming Chief Minister Taib Mahmud for ‘bullying and ignoring’ PRS. Ngumbang, who is ‘special adviser’ to party president … Continue reading

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Can Rosmah ‘pillow-talk’ Najib to ‘save’ Taib?

A revolt is simmering in Sarawak and is threatening to indirectly topple self-declared first lady, Rosmah Mansor, unless she manages to “pillow-talk” her husband Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak into holding concurrent polls. Suave Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Taib … Continue reading

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Wow Elia! You so clever businesswoman ho !!!

[By Our Guest Writer from Asian Tatler Magazine] We all love to admire this well-connected socialite and businesswoman, Elia Abas/ Geneid!  She may look like a barely-dressed party girl, but Elia was scarcely into her 20s by the time she had established herself … Continue reading

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Billions Abroad! – Taib in cohort with foreign property tycoons

Sarawak Report The man pictured in the party-buggy sitting next to the Deputy Chief Minister, Alfred Jabu, is a Greek called Achilleas Kallakis.  This was in  April 2008 and Kallakis was already a man with a criminal record.  Back in 1995 he and a colleague,  Alexander Williams, had been … Continue reading

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Anwar and Co sing from the heart

By Patrick Lee PETALING JAYA – Politicians aren’t generally known for their musical ability. But a new indie pop album by Anwar Ibrahim and Elizabeth Wong seeks to change all that. Produced by a crew led by Kelana Jaya MP … Continue reading

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Najib’s fate in Khairy’s hands?

From the embarrassing case of the missing jetfighter engines to the morally degenerating but politically opportunistic ‘Allah’ issue, it appears that Najib’s administration could do nothing right at least not in the ends of those who hold the real power … Continue reading

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Land grab reports lodged against Taib Mahmud

By Aidila Razak A report has been lodged, for the second time yesterday, with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud over his alleged conflict of interest in the transfer of state land to a … Continue reading

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When thieves, clowns and dinosaurs open their mouths… In his latest, vaingloroius, public appearance, in Sarekei, Taib announced that there is no shortcut to success except by working hard. Unfortunately he did not go on to explain what he meant by “working hard.” Did he mean working … Continue reading

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Wow! Rosmah has her own ‘oval office’

By B Nantha Kumar PUTRAJAYA: A new unit in the Prime Minister’s Department has set tongues wagging. The unit known as FLOM, an acronym for First Lady of Malaysia, is a full-fledged department that looks into the operational needs of … Continue reading

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