Rosmah: When Najib says I sit, I sit lah!

By Jimaidie Shah Othman

rosmah mansor singingPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor defended herself against what she called opposition “lies” about her, during an unlikely by-election appearance at the all-important Felda settlements in Kerdau today.

Hitting the campaign trail to whip up support for BN’s candidate Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad, the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Malaysia’ urged voters to reject the allegations and lies brandished against her by Pakatan Rakyat.

“Look at my face until you are satisfied. Do I look like a liar? I don’t, right?,” she told some 200 settlers of Felda Jengka 25.

Rosmah, or Kak Mah to a privileged few, denied repeated claims by the opposition that she controls her husband Najib, and that she splurged on cosmetics treatment to prepare for her keynote address at a recent international education conference in Saudi Arabia.

‘When have I told (Najib), do this, do that? I want him to listen to what I say, (but) for me, when he says sit, I sit lah,” she quipped.

Recounting her visit to the Saudi city of Riyadh, Rosmah explained that her reasons for going was to accept an honour bestowed by the Arab nation, rare for a foreigner and more so a woman.

She stressed that she had agreed to the trip – on the invitation of the Saudi government – after the queen and the king’s daughter had both personally contacted her about the visit and had invited her for dinner with them.

“I am not talking big about myself, I simply want to show that I did not go there for fun, not to be happy-happy.”

‘Help him, he will help you’

Rosmah urged Kerdau’s voters to judge for themselves and not believe everything they hear about her from the opposition.

NONE“Don’t listen to their lies. The opposition simply says things. Alhamdulillah. I don’t want to fight (the opposition’s claims), I will leave it to Allah,” she said.

Moving on to BN’s candidate Syed Ibrahim (left), Rosmah pointed out that she has endured the heat and sweat to campaign for the Al-Azhar University graduate, on Najib’s request.

“All I ask is for 30 minutes (to vote for Syed Ibrahim). If he wins tomorrow, whatever problems you have, go and knock on his front door.

“If he does not do anything, tell me,” she said with a smirk.

Earlier, Rosmah spent most of the morning visiting several houses in the Felda settlement, meeting with residents and asking about the problems the locals faced.

Syed Ibrahim is in a straight fight with PAS candidate Hassanuddin Salim for the Kerdau state seat in Pahang. Polling day is set for March 6, simultaneously with the Merlimau state by-election in Malacca. – Mkni

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