Let’s vote to kill corruption

Pak Bui

Taib is not the main election issue. Corruption is the enemy of Sarawakians. Corruption by BN, not Taib alone, has made Sarawakians poor.

Najib and Taib are playing a coy game of hide-and-seek with Sarawak’s voters. After they met to discuss the dissolution of the state assembly, both Najib and Taib dropped a little hint that Taib may step down after the election.

But most urban Sarawakians do not believe their cheap charade. Taib has promised to step down on countless occasions, and has lied every single time.

Taib’s credibility is at an all-time low. He has been scraping the bottom of the propaganda barrel for so long that he has worn his way through. He is now scraping the mud beneath the propaganda barrel.

Najib has similarly contradicted himself repeatedly, and has proven himself to be a smiling hypocrite. His U-turns and contortions beggar belief, even as he and his large wife are trying to make beggars of working-class Malaysians.

We Sarawakian voters ought to see through the game they are playing. Najib is aware that Taib is a liability. Taib has been damaged beyond salvage by the ostentatious lifestyle-of-the-rich-and-hopeless displayed by his family. The devastating Sarawak Report documents, exposing his land deals and his vast property empire, have sealed his fate.

Yet Najib knows Taib remains likely to win the April 16 election with a reduced majority. Najib has to face the prospect of continuing to see Taib’s face on the front page of the Borneo Post every day, even though BN is funding SNAP in an effort to split opposition votes and weaken Taib’s PBB.

Najib can hope only to force Taib out before the parliamentary elections, expected next year. Najib is desperate to get rid of Taib, but Taib refuses to budge. Najib intends to install his own man in Taib’s place, preferably a submissive Malay like Abang Johari or Awang Tengah.

So we Sarawakians are simply pawns in the game of Najib’s BN and Taib’s BN. Our political economy will not change, even if Taib steps down following the election, after he cuts some deal with Najib for immunity from prosecution.

Najib’s BN wants only to ensure the bloc of 31 Parliamentary seats remains a BN ‘fixed deposit’, in order to stay in Putrajaya, in power at the federal level. Najib has made his plans to reap more rent from his ETP MRT etc megaprojects, following the grimy footsteps of Mahathir Mohamad.

Weapons against corruption

Our votes are our best weapons against corruption. Corruption is our common enemy. We can only fight corruption by removing political parties that indulge in corruption, and replace them with other parties.

Of course, other parties will eventually become corrupt eventually, and we must also remove them before they reach that stage. The adage that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely, is true in all societies.

PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS are all parties that have indulged in corruption. By taking tainted money from the BN and betraying Sarawakians, SNAP is also a party wallowing in corruption. These are all our targets. Any corrupt party must be our common target.

PBB, SNAP, SPDP and PRS are not ‘Dayak’ parties any more than Umno is a ‘Malay’ party. They exist only to allow their leaders access to corruption and public funds – our money.

These racially based parties only use ‘Malay-ness’ or Dayak-ness’ as a brand name, to trick us into voting for their stinking product. What is their product? Corruption.

As Apang has said on this website, a corrupt Malay = a corrupt Dayak = a corrupt Chinese = a corrupt person. All parties that are corrupt are no longer Malay or Dayak or Chinese champions, they are merely champions of their own greed. And they all smell like Taib Mahmud.

As for SNAP pretending to be champions of Sarawak, we can see they are champions only of their own Toyota Hilux. Some SNAP leaders have behaved as traitors to Sarawak, because they have sold themselves to Najib’s BN: they have sold themselves to corruption. The proud multi-racial history of SNAP has been dragged through the dirt by these leaders.

They may argue that they are only making the most out of the opportunities extended by Najib’s desperation to remove Taib, and they are only trying to enrich their own families and children.

What about all the other Sarawakian families and children? The Iban kids working at the petrol stations in Bintulu, while all our wealth is being pumped out of Sarawak? The Bidayuh pepper farmers in Bengoh struggling to cope with the rising prices of diesel and fertilisers? The Kayan coffeeshop workers in Sibu receiving RM400 a month each to feed their children and pay for the ballooning cost of food? The Penan schoolgirls raped just because they want to go to school?

Edwin Dundang, Stanley Jugol, Paul Kadang of SNAP ought to quit politics in shame. SNAP’s leadership has embraced corruption and the SNAP leadership is now our common enemy, and we must vote against all these corrupt parties.

Our main enemy is corruption. Taib is not the main election issue, but BN and corruption are. Since SNAP leaders are set to become frogs and join BN after they win any seats in the election, they are equally an enemy of the Sarawakian people, just as BN and corruption are our enemies.

The rest of the chit-chat, SNAP slogans of being a “Sarawakian” party or a “Dayak” party are nothing more than lies.

SNAP leadership = Corruption = PBB = SUPP = PRS = SPDP = BN. Vote against corruption.

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2 Responses to Let’s vote to kill corruption

  1. layar guy says:

    Pak Bui,

    Your frustration is entirely on SNAP.What make you think SNAP is traitor just because “Ghost writer “and Francis said so.What make you think PKR is genuine and best party for Sarawak.Remember PKR is from West Malaysia and not local.This is the best time for us Sarawakian to show that we can handle our own State without interference from outsider.Remembered PKR’s candidates jumped ship in Perak and caused the fall of opposition power.What we should do now is focus on our similarity and set aside the differences.Go back to our main agenda to topple TAIB BN that is our priority.

  2. mek horns says:

    SNAP’s main agenda is to split PR’s votes and at the same time hoping to get 1 or 2 seats and join the corrupt BN at state gov’t since SNAP is still with the Central Gov’t. and never left BN Pusat.I hope those proposed SNAP candidates who by now realise what “a few soldiers of fortune”are doing to them will withdraw from contesting. U see the one, Paul K, doesn’t dare to contest but only interested to control vitamin M. Hi, all Snap’s proposed candidates, esp those with good education, did u all get permission from yr wife and children or not.Will they suffer later on k? I am very sure they also go to the internet n know what is happening. LIFE IS TOO SHORT.IN GOD WE TRUST.AMEN.

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