Salleh accuses Taib of being surrounded by bomohs

By Ang Ngan Toh

NONENONEIndependent candidate Salleh Jafaruddin has accused long-serving Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud of being surrounded by “foreign witchcraft apparatus”.

“We want to save Sarawak from being ruled by a leader who has completely succumbed and surrendered his mental faculty, spiritual and natural physical capability to the influence of ‘foreign witchcraft apparatus’ currently encircling him and his closely-guarded political cronies.

“I personally met and confronted three shamans (bomohs) on nomination day in Mukah.

“I explicitly told those three that they have no business and legitimacy to give spiritual and mental advice and guidance to our chief minister because he is an exceptional and intellectually capable person in this country, especially during this election, to the extent of getting directly involved in influencing the decision making on the list of the Barisan Nasional candidates,” he said at a press conference today.

He alleged the three bomohs, one believed to an Australian, and the other, a Jew, are working in collaboration with PBB senior vice-president Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, Taib’s sister Radziah Mahmud and Taib himself, to draw up the BN list of candidates.

“Not many souls know this inside story, not until the surprise incident that took place on nomination day on April 6 in Mukah. The extent of their influence over Taib’s political grip is beyond repair to the extent of even ignoring our prime minister’s political influence,” Salleh, who is Taib’s second cousin, claimed.

Salleh (left), a former deputy education minister, also accused Taib of lying to PBB leaders, the BN component parties and the entire voters of Sarawak for the last three decades that he has not found a suitable leader to succeed him.

“If 30 years is insufficient period to train a successor, do you believe that in the next few months after this election he can pluck someone out of thin air to succeed him unless that someone is the ‘nominee’ of his witch doctors,” he added.

‘Crisis of political confidence’

He said Sarawak is currently facing a crisis of political confidence, especially in PBB.

He said to allow Taib to continue to lead Sarawak amounts to surrendering the people’s right to determine their political future into the trap of these witch decisionmakers.

“Under the present situation, it becomes our joint moral, legal, political, social and religious responsibilities to remove him from holding on to power by making him lose in this election.

NONE“Leaders like Housing and Urban Development Minister and PBB deputy president Abang Johari Openg (right) and special adviser in the Chief Minister’s Office Adenan Satem should come up openly to put in an immediate checkmate to save the state’s political future from falling into a chaotic situation.

“Liars should be removed from office at whatever political cost and in whatever position to ensure that Sarawak’s future will be run and administered in safe hands free from any underhand political influence,” he said.

He said he was surprised to read a statement by Deputy Prime Minsiter Muhyiddin Yassin, who accompanied Taib on nomination day in Mukah, labelling any statements by independent candidates or the opposition as a pack of lies.

“I do not think that he is ignorant of what is happening to Taib and his cronies unless he wants to hide the truth or is privy to their misdeeds.

“It is painful to hear and to tell the truth let alone to swallow it. However bad the result may come after the exposure of this truth, someone has to swallow it,” he said, telling Muhyiddin not to regard Sarawakians as fools.

‘Let Balingian voters be the judge’

He said Muhyiddin should not label any accusation by the opposition or non-governmental organisations as a pack of lies.

Salleh urged the Balingian voters in particular, and Sarawakians in general, to be the judge.

NONESalleh also questioned the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for not taking action on numerous reports lodged against Taib for alleged corruption and abuse of power.

He said MACC was quick to take action against other people, including former transport minister Chan Kong Choy (right) regarding the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal.

“Why can’t the same action be taken against state leaders known to have committed corrupt practices and which have been widely published on the Internet and in the media?” he asked. – Mkini

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