Salleh calls for expulsion of Taib’s foreign bomohs

By Ang Ngan Toh

NONEA former Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) leader has urged the Home Ministry to deport Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s three foreign bomohs to save Sarawak from political ruin.Salleh Jafaruddin called on Sarawakians to band together to demand the removal of the “foreign witches” from controlling the chief minister in his decision-making involving the state.

He claimed that his second cousin has been helpless since the demise of his first wife two years ago and alleged that Taib has been under the influence of the bomohs over the past 10 years.

“He and the state will eventually be destroyed if no action is taken immediately to stop the bomohs’ influence on him,” said the former deputy education minister in a statement yesterday.

“Let us not let their influence rule our state and destroy our democratic legacy. Let us all come together to destroy their influence before it is too late.

“I call upon the minister of home affairs in Kuala Lumpur to immediately revoke all the current immigration passes issued to the three bomohs so that they can be deported from the country, otherwise, the people of Sarawak will rise up to exercise their citizen rights to arrest them,” Salleh said.

NONENONESalleh, who contested against Taib in the Balingian seat, had a run-in with the bomohs on nomination day. One of whom is identified as an Australian, Stella, whose real name is Kharleen Tashman (right).

BN’s victory ‘bought’

He also said that BN’s victories in the 27 Malay/Melanau constituencies were not something to be proud of.

Salleh claimed that the victories had been secured through vote-buying as well as threats by groups of “thugs” against voters on polling day.

“I happened to meet many of them in Balingian on polling day and confronted several groups who positioned themselves in a threatening manner at the polling stations as early as 8am,” Salleh said.

Salleh (left) had lodged a complaint with the police against the presence of people resembling thugs wearing PBB name tags.

He said he had a heated argument with some of them that almost ended in a commotion.

Salleh also complained that civil servants conducting the elections had not exercised any neutrality and bias was evident throughout the polling stations, questioning if the election was “free and fair”.

‘Blatant money politics’

Salleh also accused PBB of deploying money politics openly and blatantly.

“The voters were offered and given between RM200 and RM1,000 per vote and in the longhouses in my area, the Ibans were given RM1,000 per door and RM200 per voter on the last night of the campaign.

“The distribution was carried out by the thugs on the eve of polling day,” he added, alleging that these men were from Kuching and Kuala Lumpur.

He also ticked off the locals for accepting the bribes and allowing their voting rights to be bought.

In the battle for Balingian, Taib secured 6,210 votes, while Salleh, who stood as an Independent, garnered 1,056 votes and PKR’s Suriati Abdullah bagged 871 votes, losing her election deposit

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