DAP: Najib’s fixed deposit Rosmah, not Sarawak

By Susan Loone

NONEPenang DAP’s mega-ceramah last night welcomed the five new DAP Sarawak assemblypersons who were the ‘heroes’ of the recent state election, along the way taking potshots at Prime Minister Najib Razak’s ‘fixed deposit’ claim on Sarawak.

Kicking off the event was Padungan assemblyperson Wong King Wei (right) belting out a Chinese song ‘Beating Heart’ to the 1,000 strong crowd at the Dome, in Komtar.

The song’s lyrics were altered to convey messages like the brain drain and how Sarawakians had to leave their land for greener pastures because the country had failed to provide them with proper livelihoods.

Wong’s good vocals excited the crowd and earned him a big round of applause.

During his speech, the youthful Wong said change was yet to reach the sandy shores of Penang as Pakatan Rakyat only ruled the state and not Putrajaya, the country’s administrative capital.

He added that Sarawakians resented Prime Minister Najib Razak’s remark that the state was BN’s ‘fixed deposit’ adding it was not very respectful.

“That is why Sarawakians showed that they are not the fixed but ‘floating’ deposit…they can move around and support others if they choose to do so,” he quipped.

“Najib’s fixed deposit is (his wife) Rosmah (Mansor) and the deposit has been deposited in Mongolia,” he joked.

Guan Eng an inspiration

In last month’s Sarawak election, Pakatan Rakyat made inroads into the BN stronghold with DAP winning 12 seats out of the 15 it contested, while the ruling coalition’s popular vote dropped from 63 to 58 percent.

NONELast night’s event was meant to be a political ceramah for the five Sarawak heroes – Wong and other newly elected reps Chong Chieng Jen (Kota Sentosa), Chew Chiu Sing (Kidurong), Christina Chew (Batu Kawah) and Ling Sie Kiong (Piasau) – to tell their stories to inspire others to the higher goal of reaching Putrajaya.

However, most of them instead piled compliments at Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for being the ‘campaign star’ who helped the Rocket launch its missiles into the urban areas, slaying most of the BN candidates who contested against the party.

Kota Sentosa’s Chong, who is also the DAP state secretary, however appeared a little embarrassed to relate Sarawak’s success story in Penang, saying. “It is like an apprentice teaching his master.”

“You (Penangites) not only gave us (DAP) 100 percent support (in the last general election), you even gave us a chief minister…you have been very generous,” he said.

“During the election in April, you even loaned us your CM for two weeks, your assemblypersons and members of Parliament too,” he added.

NONEChong joked that Lim was not the only CM who help garner votes for the party in the recent polls, but that the other CM Abdul Taib Mahmud, nick-named Pek Moh (white haired), was also helpful.

Everywhere Lim visited, said Chong, the CM and party secretary general was met with rousing applause, unlike Taib who was hurled with brickbats, sneers and jeers.

The Kota Sentosa rep added how bad the situation was for Taib, who was even shunned at BN ally SUPP’s rally, where the BN candidate had even avoided taking photos with the long-reigning CM

Chong stressed that their campaign theme was a choice between a corrupt or a clean leader.

“We presented them with two icons: Taib represents the face of a corrupt government, whereas on the other spectrum is Lim, who reflects a clean and fair one,” he said.

‘BN can’t rid corruption’

Chong said it would be impossible to get rid of corruption from within BN as it was too entrenched in the system, driving home the message that a change of government was necessary to tackle the issue.

“Look at former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he wanted to eliminate corruption, but he got eliminated instead,” he added.

NONE“Getting rid of corruption must happen from outside (the government) or else you can wait till the cows come home…corruption would still be rampant and prevalent,” he stressed.

The most entertaining speaker of the evening was Piasau rep Ling, who had slain the dragon Sarawak deputy chief minister George Chan.

Only 28 year old, Ling said he derived his confidence from the people, who helped him turn Piasau into “pisau” (knife) to enable him to protect their rights.

“It came to the point where SUPP dared not speak out about what the people wanted or needed…all they could say is yes…yes…Pek Moh is good,” he told the laughing crowd.

“That is why it was shocking that after so many years in power, Pek Moh could say that he does not know what the people wanted,” he added.

He then showed a photo of himself with Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon and state chief Teng Hock Nan during the campaign period.

“I didn’t think I could kick them (BN) out but I did…because you also can see lah, who is more handsome!” he joked.

Joke’s on Taib

NONEHis tickled the crowd with a parting shot, a running joke in Piasau these days where Pek Moh is said to have visited the touristic Mulu caves with an Italian and a Japanese, accompanied by a local guide.

The joke relates how the foreign guests were so hungry they ate their respective local dishes, pizza and sushi respectively.

“Pek Moh was hungry too and he started to eat two char siu pau,” said Ling, hinting at Taib’s new Lebanese wife.

“Then the local Mulu guide felt hungry too, and guess what he ate? He ate up Pek Moh and then threw him off the mountain!

“That is how much people hated Taib, because he was so corrupt,” said Ling. – Mkini

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