Reply to Senator Idris Buang

Awang Abdillah replies to senator Idris Buang’s statement that appeared on 17 may 2011 in the Borneo Post.

Obviously Senator Idris Buang is oblivious to the terms ‘ duties and responsibilities’ of a government and could not differentiate this with the concept of ‘struggle’ or ‘perjuangan’.

It is mandatory that in a democratic system of government, any ruling government must discharge its’ duties and responsibilities according to universal principles, national laws and good practices.

In general term it is called good governance.

As we all know the state of Sarawak has been under the rule of Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud for the last 30 years, and that PBB is the backbone to the state government of Sarawak. Hence the PBB led government should execute its’ duties and responsibilites according to universal principles, national laws and good practices.

My question to Senator Idris Buang and YB Abdul Karim Hamzah is this:-

Has the PBB led state government carried out its’ duties and responsibilities according to these universal principles, national laws and good practices?

As proven, the acts and deeds of the state government during Pehin Seri Taib’s 30 years tenure of office has flouted these universal principles, national laws and good practices where acts of corruption are rampant and carried out on a monstrous scale by the political elite.

  • The state environment especially the forests are continuously destroyed; stealing funds from the State coffers in billions of ringgit;
  • PBB trafficking in illicit money to buy votes from the rural folks in the majority of the 35 PBB constituencies who are generaly ignorant unlike their counterparts in the urban areas during election time, rendering the voters as desperate money addicts;
  • Denying the people access to the wealth of the state for fear that a progressive society like the urban voters will not remain beholden to PBB anymore.

Whereas the opposition like myself are committed to our struggle to reinstall what have been taken away from the people for the last 30 years.

We want to ensure that the wealth of the state is passed on to our children and future generations of the Sarawak people . A struggle is a continuous process till the end of your life time.

Hence the likes of Snator Idris Buang and YB Abdul Karim Hamzah cannot stop the struggle of the oppositon forces in the State.

W are not bigots or instigators as what you tried to brand us.

Don’t both of them see who the villians are in the present political senario in the state?

As lawyers by profession where do they place their judgement and conscience then?

Now Mr Idris Buang is talking about the Quran and the Sunnah and the term ‘peace’. Does he know in Islam that when a man especially the learned people keeps silent or prefers ‘peacefulness’ amid evil and other bad deeds, he is the first to be thrown to hell? Does he not know that when he sees any evil deed, he must stop it with his hand, then with his mouth and the least he could do is to resist it in his heart?

Are we the opposiiton not doing that?

Now that Senator Idris Buang and YB Abdul Karim Hamzah have made barbed remarks about us.

It is time for both of them to take responsibility for what they both did.

Now I am challenging both Senator Idris Buang and YB Abdul Karim Hamzah to a Public Debate or forum on the following issues:

  • 1. The interpretation of Surah Al Fatihah and its’ relevance to the political senario in the state
  • 2. How PBB won all the 35 seats in the 10th state election.

Name the place and time of the venue . Let us seek out the truth.

By the way Mr Idris Buang, in what capacity are you to tell the police authorities to arrest us.

Obviously he does not know the difference between pressuring and intimidation.

MoCS is acting as a pressure group which is lawful, not a syndicate or some triad society.

by Awang Abdillah Awang Nassar

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