Dato Salleh calls Parochial Sarawakian ‘GOLF’ – ‘golongan yang lemah fikiran’

Parochial Sarawakian is the typical product or decadent pea mind of an introvert community who is completely complacent with his own narrow comfort zone through relaxing and golfing.

Does he know what GOLF means? If he doesn’t, he should ask Taib Mahmud? It means “golongan yang lemah fikiran”. That is why Taib does not play golf? He only likes putting into the nineteenth hole.

From the tone of his cynical comment, Parochial Sarawakian must be birds of the same feather who usually flocks together scrambling for any golf balls which are being hooked or sliced by Taib after the game is over.

People with pea brain also known as “gulongan lemah fikiran in Bahasa Malaysia” only bothers about where to put the ball especially now that night golfing is the choice.

Some prefer putting green which is not turfed to give better feel. Parochial Sarawakian must be a new member of an “ignorant society” who subscribed to the theory that “ignorance is bliss”

He must be an escapee who deliberately refuses to see what sane people see and blocks his ears to cries and pleas from the down-trodden. He must be enjoying his life in the comfort zone of Sarawak’s Pyramid of Corruption.

To MoCS fellows, ignore this idiot because he is a coward who deis not even have the decency to reveal his real identity. The success or failure of the MoCS ‘Walk for Democracy and Reforms’ on August 13 does not depend on one swallow like Parochial Sarawakian.

Dato’ Salleh Jafaruddin,  MoCS Adviser

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