Don’t spin tales, Salleh warns cops

By Joseph Tawie

Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) adviser Salleh Jafaruddin has accused the police of concocting wild tales and allegations that he and the movement’s chief Francis Siah are using supporters to move their own personal “evil” agenda.

Expressing shock, he said: “This is utter nonsense and has no basis at all.”

“Do not concoct stories if you can find other evidence. You must remember all of us are answerable to the people we deal with and to Allah in the final analysis.

“As an appointed adviser to the NGO (MoCS), I have no ulterior motive to make use of anyone in MoCS for evil or destructive means to enrich ourselves.

“An NGO is no position to be used by corrupt people. It is purely a civil organisation to seek avenues to bring forth malpractices done either by government, its servants, or political leaders, to the attention of the public and the authorities. This is civic consciousness and our moral duty to the community, the country and the nation,” he added in a letter to the state police chief.

‘Worst fitnah’
In the letter, Salleh noted that accusing someone of such misdeeds, especially during the month of Ramadhan, was the “worst form of fitnah”.

“Accusing someone who is voluntarily involved (and) with ‘sincere intention’ to correct human misdeeds is the worst form of fitnah which is more dangerous than killing according to Islam.

“The act is sinful especially when it is done during the Holy month of Ramadan. Such an act in itself can create tension.

“As a local Muslim head of an important federal government department, you (commissioner of police) should not allow your subordinates to simply make accusations against a citizen by concocting stories out of spite, to purely complete their official duty.

“More so if the person is a senior honourable citizen and has not committed anything wrong. Professionalism and reasonableness must be done and shown with integrity and honour.

“Citizens are now intelligent and are very conscious of their legal right,” he said.

Don’t abuse power

He warned the police that any apparent abuse of power inflicted on innocent citizens during the course of investigation could spark ill feelings and it could lead to vengeance and revenge.

“I am sure you are well aware of what caused the latest riots in the United Kingdom. We do not want the same incident to happen in our state.

“You and your men including myself and family and MoCS members have equal stake in Sarawak’s future. For your information I have 28 grandchildren and 15 children to think off.

“We also have served the state during the emergency period of communism and Indonesian confrontations and never were we asked to manufacture fitnah against any ordinary citizen not even the communists,” said the former deputy education minister.

‘We were trained in UK too’

He said during the Indonesian Confrontation, Sarawak leaders used “persuasiveness and the principle of Taichi”.

“The Sri Aman Peace treaty was an excellent example.

“We never used force or brutality even to capture Indonesian communists in the early sixties. We were directly involved then. We were also trained in UK and Europe on security matters and intelligence and are equally educated and qualified.

“Please do not simply accuse senior citizens as someone who only wants to make use of others for ulterior motives. Your officers must also take into consideration others’ sensitivities. After all we are human.

“To earn people’s respect we must be humble and sincere and let all our actions be guided by and dictated by our conscience,” Salleh concluded

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