MoCS is proud of Dr Michael Teo and supporters in Miri

Photo published with permission from United Daily News

Miri PKR chairman Dr Michael Teo and several supporters went ‘red’ last Saturday (Aug 13) in support of MoCS’s ‘Red Rally’ that day.

MoCS is proud of Dr Teo’s effort in promoting the ‘Walk for Democracy and Reform’ organized by the movement to further its agenda for democratic reforms and good governance in Sarawak.

Although the Red Rally was cancelled at the eleventh hour due to security reasons and a restraining order against MoCS leaders, Miri PKR’s superb effort and moral support for the movement is commendable and truly appreciated.

Dr Teo was the first Pakatan candidate to be endorsed by MoCS for the April 16 state election. His endorsement was announced by MoCS leader Francis Paul Siah in Miri on Jan 16 this year, three months before the elections.

He was also one of the three speakers of the MoCS Forum on Democratic Reforms held in Miri on Jan 29 this year. The other two were Sarawak DAP chairman Wong Ho Leng and Siah.

Dr Teo contested in Senadin and lost only by a whisker 58 votes to BN’s Lee Kim Shin.

MoCS hopes Dr Teo will be fielded by PKR in the coming general election and makes his way to Parliament. The movement will again back Dr Teo if he is selected. – MoCS   

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