Don’t borrow for Hari Raya

A Borneo Post report

KUCHING:Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman advised Muslims not to borrow money from money lenders, especially loan sharks, for Hari Raya.

He pointed out that such practice was wrong and against the teachings of Islam.

“We hear this thing happening every year. We have reminded the people not to borrow money and to spend within their means.

“If we can only afford to buy one type of cake, just buy one type of cake and if we can only buy mineral water, don’t buy carbonated water,” the Tupong assemblyman said when asked to comment on reports that many people turned to money lenders to prepare for Hari Raya.

He explained that what made things worse was the attitude of some people who liked to borrow money to show that they had the financial means.

“Don’t owe people money because you might not even finish paying it by the next Hari Raya,” Daud advised.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Parents Consultative Association (Mapim) president Wan Zain Syed Mordzar, when contacted, stated that even though money lenders premises were licensed their method of operating was almost similar to loan sharks’.

At the same time, he stressed that Islam never taught its followers to celebrate Hari Raya beyond their means, while highlighting that Islam had always taught its followers to practise moderation in all situations.

“What is sad is that there are also people who are willing to mortgage their properties such as gold just to have money to celebrate Hari Raya,” he added, and reminded the community to spend within their means.

Recently, Utusan Borneo obtained information from money lending companies around the city that many Muslims had applied for loans to accommodate their spending for Hari Raya.

However, the number of applicants was not revealed.

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