Master’s degree wife sells body to pay husband’s debts

Mdm Chen, 42, has a master’s degree in economics and had married the son of a rich man at the age of 20.

Her father-in-law was the boss of a listed company in Malaysia, but instead of helping with the family business, her husband indulged in gambling and incurred debts of more than $1 million.

Mdm Chen said, “I was a stock appraiser in Malaysia at the time earning RM$50,000 (about S$20,000) a month. But it was not enough to pay my husband’s debts. His family disapproved of his behaviour and refused to help him.”

To escape their debtors, her husband brought her and their young daughter to Kuala Lumpur, where his gambling habits only got worse. He eventually forced her into prostitution to support his gambling routine at the Genting casino.

“I did all I could to make more money but it was not enough for him to gamble with and pay off his debts. He decided that we could make more money in Singapore, so he brought our daughter and me here.”

When Mdm Chen arrived in Singapore, she was made to work at a night club and was at one time a mistress to six different men. But despite earning several hundred thousand dollars from servicing so many men at once, her husband still managed to spend all the money she brought back.

Mdm Chen eventually met a divorced man and started another relationship but her husband found out and went to set fire to the man’s house.

The act of arson angered the man’s family, who forced Mdm Chen to break up with him.

One good thing did come out of it. Mdm Chen managed to leave her husband for good as he was arrested for the crime and deported from Singapore. –  Asia One

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