Remember Muhyiddin, a spoiled fish rots from the head

By  Sherina Yusof  

Pakatan Rakyat leaders reminded Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin that a spoiled fish begins rotting from the head, urging him to be sincere in his leadership rather than blindly condemn the lower-ranking officials pinpointed by the Auditor-General for overspending and corruption.

“Muhyiddin has his own track record and baggage to consider before he rushes to point the finger at others. Umno must look into the mirror before blaming other people. The DPM must know that a spoiled fish begins rotting from the head,” Ustaz Nazmi Nik Din, PAS Ulama Council leader, was reported as saying by Harakahdaily.

Lip service

In the wake of the Auditor-General’s Report for 2010, where no less than 32 ministries and federal agencies were reported to have been financially mismanaged, Muhyiddin had rushed to make the politically-correct noises, calling on the various authorities to act.

But the latest audit is not the first time that such discrepancies have surfaced. In fact, for the past decade, each year there have been “horror stories” of overspending and jacked-up pricing by dishonest officials. However, Muhyiddin and the federal government have not be able to put a stop to the pilferage.

“They should not just give lip service. It is hypocritical to do so. If anything, they should be sacked or stripped of their salaries for failing to stop such endemic corruption,” PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

No longer fear even God

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin called on the ministries and departments which overspent to seriously heed the advice given in the audit report.

“This is not the first time advice has been given. We want funds which have been disbursed to be used properly,” he said.

Muhyiddin was also quick to deflect attention to the states ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat. He said it was not right for the opposition to keep on criticising the BN government, and that they too should be answerable for what happened in their states.

“States under the opposition’s rules are not exonerated from the reprimands. They too have something to answer,” said Muhyiddin.

Meanwhile, Ustaz Nazmi blamed the deterioration in honesty amongst the civil service to Umno, which he said neglected Islamic teachings to the extent that fear of God was now absent.

“A hadith said that human body (our actions) will rot if the heart’s rot, and in fact our life will be prosperous if our heart is prosperous. But the question is, how far is Umno’s struggle in leading the people,” said the Ustaz.

“One way of solving this problem is not through punishment on those who committed the sin but to punish Umno-BN who is the head of the fish in this issue.” – Malaysia Chronicle

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