Najib’s daughter on lavish shopping spree

An Australian report claims that the premier’s daughter spent RM180,000 in a high-end deparmental store in Perth.

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s family is in the limelight once again, this time over a costly shopping spree Down Under.

According to a report in the West Australian newspaper, Najib’s daughter was believed to have spent a whopping RM180,000 (AU$ 60,000) in David Jones, a high-end department store.

The same report also said that one first lady purchased WA pearls worth AU$150,000. But the report did not name the person.

Last week, Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, had gone to Perth to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Goverments Meeting (CHOGM).

In the past, Rosmah had courted controversy for allegedly purchasing extremely costly jewellery items, including a ring worth tens of millions, and designer handbags.

Since becoming prime minister in 2009, Najib’s wife has been a favourite target for the opposition, with some accusing her of meddling in state affairs as well.

Commenting on the West Australian report, PKR’s Badarul Hisham Saharin said: “The public is facing hardship due to the rising cost (of living). This regime has failed to address this and at the same time will possibly introduce taxes which will burden the public further.”

Barisan Nasional leaders are also fuming on the quiet.

“The PM and Umno claim that BN component parties are liabilities and so forth, but it is things like this which are the real danger,” said one component party leader, who declined to be named.

“Imagine how the people will feel when you have the government asking them to tighten their belts and this type of stories on lavish shopping sprees appear?” he added.

Najib’s delegation to Perth also included Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mashitah Ibrahim and PPP president M Kayveas.

State Director for CHOGM 2011 Richard Muirheand was reported as saying that shopping and leisure activities were arranged for delegates outside the CHOGM schedule. – FMT

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