Unfortunately, Taib and Co are untouchable


YOURSAY ‘It will be near impossible to find someone in the present government who believes that stealing from the country is a crime. They all do it.’

Arrest Taib and 13 family members, M’sia told

your sayIdiots Rule: I don’t think the Najib government will have the guts and willpower to bring Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud and his families/cronies to justice. They know very well that massive corruption is being committed, especially in Sarawak.

I feel a sense of injustice and sadness for the Sarawakians. It’s high time to get rid of those who conspire to rob the Sarawak people of their wealth and resources.

Again, I don’t have much faith in the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the police to do anything. That’s the sad situation in Malaysia.

JBGUY: PM Najib Razak has been placed in a precarious position and his actions will show us his commitment towards wiping out corruption and transforming the BN.

If he chooses not to act, then the voters of Malaysia have no choice but to use the ballot box to show their intolerance of corruption.

However, if he does act, then he may bring back some voters to BN fold, especially those in Sarawak.

One Brain Cell: BN’s ‘fixed deposit’ proxies – Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman (Sabah CM) are ‘untouchable’ because if they go, all their cronies in Umno/BN will go too.

This makes the case against Taib Mahmud even more crucial as there is no lack of documentation in this instance.

Jesse: The PM and his cronies have no moral authority to do anything about it simply because their hands are dirty too.

The whole lot have their noses in the trough. One falls and the rest follows. Of course, the biggest shark is found in Sarawak after more than 40 years of plundering.

SusahKes: “The criminal nature of Taib’s… ‘private’ businesses can no longer be denied by anyone who is intellectually honest, desirous of seeing the truth and interested in the good of the Malaysian people and, in particular, the people of Sarawak,” said six international NGOs.

Now, that’s what Umno doesn’t have – people who are “honest, desirous of seeing the truth and interested in the good of the Malaysian people.”

So until we change those who are running Putarjaya – and by extension their pliant office boys in other government departments – we won’t see change in Malaysia. Anything but Umno!
Swipenter: For a start, lobby the foreign governments to freeze Taib and family’s assets and bank accounts overseas. Nothing would be done to arrest him in Malaysia.

If indeed any action is taken against Taib and family, it would be for show only. Time and again, the Umno-led government uses this tactic to show the world and Malaysians that they were serious in tackling corruption and abuse of powers by political elites.

Their strategy is to buy time and drag it as long as they can and hopefully the public would get tired and start to lose interest in the case.

Lim Ah Kow: Let’s see if the local media cover this piece of news.

Kee Thuan Chye: Nothing will be done, of course. This is the work of foreigners, out to destabilise the government of Malaysia. Why should our government listen to them?

The AG (attorney-general) will be blase about it. The MACC might go through the motions of launching an investigation or announce it will act, but come up with its hands empty.

BN politicians will say this is an election ploy. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mahathir has already said it. It would be wishful thinking on our part to expect anything to come from this.

Nicole: With such huge amount of evidence against Taib, how could he avoid arrest and prosecution? Someone please tell me.

Queenie: Let us see if this man and his family are above the law. Frankly, I don’t see the government coming down hard on him as those in the ruling elite are themselves brazenly corrupt.

Who is to bell the cat? The PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) or MACC are not independent enough to move without fear or favour.

Anonymous: Look what has happened to Malaysia. One particular man has plundered and looted a whole state. Can the PM/ministers, AG, MACC and PDRM answer for this?

The Sarawak people should march in large masses to this plunderer’s ‘palace’ to confront him.

Compass: The international NGOs must be kidding. It will be near impossible to find someone in the present government who believes that stealing from the country is a crime. They all do it.

Blogsmith: It is amazing how extensive the greed of Taib’s family is – to want to accumulate so much wealth.

What can such mountain of wealth do, how much can they eat, what kind of pleasure do they still want to experience? Is it worth it to be called corrupt, greedy, robbers at the end of it all?

Isn’t a good name much better than all this wealth?

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