The inconvenient truth about Taib


YOURSAY ‘It’s vintage Mahathir to ignore an inconvenient truth and create diversion by dismissing the charges as mere smear campaign.’

Taib targeted because polls loom, says Mahathir

your sayIdiots Rule: What “funny things” and “political game” former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was talking about?

These allegations of massive corruption of Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud and his families/cronies have been made known a long time ago. So what if it’s brought up again because GE13 is around the corner? A spade is a spade. Nothing will change that.

And do you Mr Former PM really believe that the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and the police will take action against Taib Mahmud other than just saying that investigations are still going on?

In the first place, who had allowed Taib Mahmud to commit such plundering? If now is not the right time to bring up this issue, then when is the right time?

Queenie: “If the allegations were true, surely the authorities would take action,” said Mahathir.

I agree 100 percent with you, Tun. Like how the authorities sprung into action in Teoh Beng Hock’s case. So zealous were they in their quest to nail him that he preferred to jump out of the window rather than face their incessant interrogation. Isn’t that so, James Foong?

As for Taib, how can these people make wild allegations that he plundered Sarawak? Don’t they know that he has brilliant children and close relatives who are shrewd investors and multiplied his gratuity payout a couple of thousand fold.

People can be so unfair, right Tun?

Chill: Funny? This is not funny, sir. This is serious business. For once, please support the nation that is crying out for justice. But how can you because you set the precedent.

Mahathir said, “If it is just a political game to try and undermine somebody’s political image then I think it is not right.”

Isn’t that what you did to former DPM Anwar Ibrahim? Undermine him with alleged sodomy. You know what goes around comes around.

Foo: Dr M, aren’t you talking about yourself?

Sadirah: This is the trouble with people like Mahathir who live in a world of their own disconnected from reality. When you spend most of your life being looked up to, you miss the opportunity to have a good hard look at yourself.

Both Taib and Mahathir are power addicts hence their inability to see their own wealth and how they have condoned corruption.

In the final analysis, it is a matter of being caught but with the prevailing feudal mentality and hero worship of such idols, what can we say of the state of our nation.

These are not the role models that can inspire Malaysians. The fact that Taib’s wealth has been known and the authorities’ inability to act is purely because he is a ‘fixed deposit’ for the BN.

Hornbill Will Soar: It’s vintage Mahathir to ignore an inconvenient truth and create  diversion by dismissing the charges as a mere smear campaign.

Alas, he has forgotten his own recent admission that he had it easier during his tenure compared with the current era of alternative news sources.

Armageddon: Tun, Taib’s accusation is not new. It was about the same time (or even earlier) Anwar was accused of sodomising Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Strangely, the authorities are more concerned about protecting the interest an individual who is accused of stealing money from the state.

Soon: “If the allegations were true, Mahathir said, then the authorities would surely take action against Taib.”

If the authorities have a backbone, you will all be behind bars and the country will not smell like a cesspool.

Tailek: Mahathir must surely be purposely deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to his long-time buddy and partner-in-crime Taib Mahmud.

These allegations are not new and certainly have not been raised only at election time as Mahathir claims.

The opposition and NGOs have been raising these allegations continuously for years but nothing has been done nor will anything be done by the BN government while Taib holds the reins of power in Sarawak.

Najib needs him and Taib knows that he will never face prosecution as he is BN’s fixed deposit. That’s one of the reasons why Taib will never retire until he goes to his grave.

Freemsia: Just when I thought Mahathir could not sink down any further when he associates himself with a racist organisation like Perkasa, he decides to take himself to an even new low by defending an obviously corrupted Taib Mahmud.

Swipenter: Both Mahathir and Taib cannot explain how they themselves and their family members acquired such huge amounts of wealth.

The public perception is that the only way for them and their family members to become multi-millionaires and billionaires is through big-time corruption and abuse of their official positions to acquire wealth.

This perception is not formed overnight but over many, many years as they flaunt their obscene wealth more and more openly.

Only now there are people who collect the information and expose their findings in a systematic manner through the Internet, which these two families have no control over.

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3 Responses to The inconvenient truth about Taib

  1. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    Let’s rally & protest for Taib’s arrest. The whole system of democracy, human rights and morality has gone to the dogs. Even Mahathir came up ‘in favour’ of Taib a day ago! Not really surprising as Mahathir’s Son has been a director of 200 companies; he mentored ethnocracy, nepotism, corruption, mega projects and the likes of Ting Pek Kiing, Eric Chia…. It’s all sickening & disgraceful. The international community has lost respect for these people altogether. Alan Newman, NZ

  2. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    Just look at the facial features! Doesn’t the left one look vicious? And the right one dishonest?

  3. Alan Newman. NZ says:

    Quotes from Free Malaysia Today: Mahathir has also been guilty on a national scale of hijacking the organs of state, doing away with the checks and balances inherent in the legislature, executive and judiciary, dipping his hands into the national cookie jar on behalf of his cronies and to fuel his politics of patronage and institutionalising racism in the country as a national ideology of the ruling elite.
    The punishment must fit the crime. In Mahathir’s case, as with Taib, there is no punishment as yet devised for the enormity of their crimes against the state and people, even if they were to be re-born several times over to be punished all over again.

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