Overseas MoCS councils to trace Taib properties

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: The Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) has formed coordinating councils abroad to trace properties and monitor the movements of investments owned by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his family.

MoCS leader Francis Siah said thus far five such councils have been set up in the UK, United States, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Vancouver (Canada) respectively. Another is to be established in Australia soon.

“These councils will seek information from the governments concerned and pass to us such information so that our anti-corruption committee that has been established can compile and open up files (on Taib and his family),” said Francis Siah, leader of the movement.

The MoCS’ anti-corruption committee is headed by Baharuddin Mokhsen, a Sarawak PKR leader.

Siah said that MoCS has also formed similar councils in Kuala Lumpur, Sibu, Serian, Miri, Santubong and Sri Aman.

He said that Taib’s wealth is still the movement’s top agenda, which it alleged was acquired through abuse of power and cronies.

“Corruption in the state civil service is so rampant. It has gone from bad to worse.

“We have opened a few files which we will reveal in due course,” he said after chairing a meeting of MoCS’ coordinators and leaders.

Looking for ‘factual evidence’

He said MoCS would be cautious in its approach and preferred to “have factual evidence” before making accusations.

“MoCS wants to make sure that its credibility is there before we shoot any accusation at anybody.

“We have to make sure that we have enough evidence before we release any findings and lodging any police report.

“We must make sure we have factual evidence,” he said.

He added that the movement welcomed any feedback on corruption from the public.

“Big fish and small fish, we will take them all. Let us together clean the dirt in the civil service which has somehow become a culture in the way of life of certain civil servants.

“This is our top agenda,” he added.

On other matters raised at their meeting, Siah said the movement had also endorsed Jeffrey Kitingan’s ‘One Borneo Agenda’.

In 2010 Jeffrey’s United Borneo Front, an NGO, pushed the urgency for a Borneo Agenda calling for the re-instatement of the terms of the 20 and 18 point Malaysia Agreement signed between Sabah, Sarawak and the Federation of Malaya in 1963.

MoCS Sabah targets Musa

Jeffrey alleged that the Borneo states – Sabah and Sarawak – had been severely shortchanged.

Last month on Jan 6, Jeffrey officially launched a political platform to push his agenda to the next level. He now helms the Sabah Chapter of the Sarawak based State Reform Party (Star).

Said Siah: “We have to support this Borneo agenda in the interest of Sabahans and Sarawakians.

“The people from the two states must join hands to fight for their rights that had been enshrined in the Malaysian Agreement. Those rights have been taken away from us.”

Meanwhile MoCS Sabah leader Abdul Razak Salam who was also present at the meeting said both Sabah and Sarawak faced similar problems.

“In Sarawak, you are going after the state Barisan and Taib, whereas we in Sabah are going after Umno and Musa Aman (Sabah Chief Minister).

“We want to pull down Musa Aman because of allegations of corruption, and we have lodged police reports regarding corruption through Jeffrey Kitingan,” he said.

Abdul Razak said that MoCS Sabah would work together with Star Sabah to promote ‘one Borneo agenda’ . – FMT

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