‘Just go, Taib…and Sarawak Chinese will be less frustrated’

By FMT staff

KUCHING: Abdul Taib Mahmud has been told that the Chinese in Sarawak were frustrated with the state government principally because he (Taib) is still the chief minister.

“The moment Taib steps down, I believe the Chinese will be more tolerant with the state BN government,” Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) leader Francis Paul Siah said here today.

He pointed out that SUPP fared miserably in the state election last April not because the Chinese did not like the party but Taib was the main ‘baggage’.

“SUPP leaders were aware that Taib was no longer ‘saleable’ among the Chinese community but their selfish interests took the better of them. They would never dare tell the chief minister the truth,” Siah said.

The MoCS leader was responding to Taib’s statement on Sunday that the state government would look into the frustrations of the Chinese.

Taib said that his administration still has the interests of the Chinese community close to its heart despite their poor representation in the state government.

He stressed that his cabinet had not left out the Chinese even though “Chinese representation in Barisan Nasional is weaker now.”

“It does not mean that we forget about the Chinese frustration, we will ‘re-nurse’ it together. As you can see, the other parties in Barisan Nasional still want to engage with the Chinese,” Taib said

Siah said he would tell Taib the truth even if it hurts. “As a Sarawakian Chinese, I would like to tell Taib that he has overstayed his welcome as chief minister. Once he leaves, the Chinese will be less frustrated.

“There is another truth which I would like to tell the CM. Several SUPP leaders in Kuching had informed me in private that they supported the MoCS ‘813’ rally last August. They had enough of Taib and this is an open secret,” he said.

Respond to queries

Siah also reminded the chief minister of his statement before the state election last April that he would step down in two or three years after the polls.

“Why is he keeping quiet about the matter? Will he keep his word?” he asked.

“While you search for answers to the frustrations of the Chinese, meantime please respond to the queries from the DAP representatives in the state assembly regarding your immense wealth and blatant abuse of power.

“The DAP represents the Chinese of Sarawak now. If Taib is really keen to understand the frustrations of the Chinese, then he should respond to the DAP legislators.

“And please do not ask the Speaker to switch off the microphones as the DAP reps are speaking in the legislative assembly. That makes the Chinese of Sarawak even more frustrated,” Siah added. – FMT

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