PAS ‘courting’ Umno leaders to jump ship

PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu yesterday revealed that the party is “in talks” with several Umno leaders to persuade them to leave Umno.

NONETaking credit for former cabinet minister and Umno veteran Kadir Sheikh Fadzir’s departure from the party earlier this week, the leader better known as Mat Sabu (left) hinted at more resignations.

“I had been in talks (berunding) with Kadir for a while. You only know this now since he has left Umno. I’m now in talks with heaps more…just wait,” he was reported by Berita Harian as saying.

Mat Sabu has reportedly said this at a rally in Jitra, Kedah, which the New Straits Times reported as “poorly attended”, likely due to the PAS Kedah spat.

Earlier this year, the Sabah political scene was abuzz with talk that Umno state strongman Lajim Ukin was rumoured as contemplating defecting from Umno to a Pakatan Rakyat party.

Speculation also had it that he would be accompanied by several state party leaders.

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