Mahathir: I don’t fear Pakatan taking Putrajaya

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he is not afraid of Pakatan Rakyat taking power in the country – except that he may be jailed on false charges.

mahathir ebook launching 091211 02Mahathir was responding in his blog today to reports that DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang had said Mahathir was working hard to ensure that the opposition would not take power out of fear that his alleged misdeeds would be exposed.

“He is right. I am afraid.

“I am afraid of the kind of abuse of power that has already been shown by one of Pakatan’s great leaders who got a senior police officer to frighten Dr Ristina Majid and Ummi Hafilda Ali into withdrawing Ummi’s letter to me,” he writes in his blog.

On May 31, Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia quoted Mahathir as saying that then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim had ordered the police to intimidate the two witnesses testifying against him in his Sodomy I and abuse of power trials in the late 1990s.

“Other than this I am not afraid. I had always been careful not to abuse the power I had as prime minister because I was mindful of having to step down and lose power at some stage.

‘All gifts for me turned over to government’

“If I had abused power my detractors would gleefully expose me and strive to put me behind bars,” Mahathir says.

He said that he did not take anything that was not rightfully his and all the gifts meant for him had been turned over to the government, except some fruits that he ate “to prevent them from going bad”.

In addition, he said, he had barred his children from doing business with the government or stand as election candidates until he had stepped down in 2003.

Mahathir explained that his current wealth was his savings from his 29 years in civil service, which he said was small, but the government paid for many of his expenses such as houses, utilities and travel.

“I am ready to go when my time comes. I am conscious that all that I have will not accompany me to the grave.

“But for as long as I can I will work hard to prevent evil people and crooks from destroying this country that I love,” he says.

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