PAS Youth’s advice for Najib on future son-in-law

PAS Youth has advised premier Najib Abdul Razak to look into the background of his future son-in-law Daniyar Nazarbayev, allegedly a veteran swindler, to avoid any regrets later.

NONE“(We) request the prime minister to be careful in all aspects of the situation because he and his family will always be the focus of the media and politicians,” information chief Riduan Mohd Nor (left) said in an ostensibly solicitous statement.

“This follows the tenets of Islam that call on parents to be careful in choosing spouses for their children.”

The New York Post had cited documents filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court in its report claiming that Daniyar had conned his stepfather out of a US$20 million (RM62 million) condominium unit and gained entry to Columbia University using forged documents.

Riduan expressed concern for the premier and questioned if he could ensure that Daniyar will not bring him trouble and keep his daughter happy, given that he is facing such accusations even before the marriage.

“Najib has been linked to the RM3.1 billion Scorpene scandal and now, his future son-in-law is accused of being a swindler,” he said, adding it was as though Najib had “too many enemies” within and outside the country who were looking to oust him.

If Najib is not cautious, he said, it may result in more skeletons being brought out of the closet, in terms of personal issues involving him and his family.

Nooryana Najwa Najib and Daniyar Nazarbayev“PAS Youth does not wish for (Najib) to brought down because of petty personal issues caused by his failure to control his family life,” Riduan said, adding that he believes Pakatan Rakyat would not drag Najib’s personal life into political campaigning.

Najib’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa met Daniyar while studying in the US, and they were engaged in a ceremony at Seri Perdana in Putrajaya in July last year.

The event had raised questions as to whether taxpayers’ money was used to foot the bill.

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