Criticisms against DAP Senadin chief mount


BANNER PROTEST: Yong (left) and Lim (right) rolling out a protest banner calling on state party leaders to choose a more reliable candidate for Miri.

By Chin Kee Leong

MIRI: The DAP protest group, who call themselves ‘Anti-Spoilt Votes Committee’, has rebutted the clarifications by DAP Senadin chief Lim Su Kien on three issues.

The protest group has been carrying out a series of campaigns here since last month against Lim’s nomination to contest in Miri in the coming general election.

“We saw how Lim Su Kien mishandled the Saberkas green toilet issue last year. It had jeopardised the reputation of DAP and Pakatan Rakyat (PR),” said protest group member Yong Chee Chan in an interview yesterday.

Using last year’s news reports, Yong charged that Lim had used the green toilet issue for political mileage at the expense of the party.

“Lim did not do her homework by doing proper research. She tends to rush in to criticise on issues. This is political immaturity, and not what we want to see in a quality MP.

“Her request for MCC (Miri City Council) to award the green toilet project without open tender went against DAP policy for accountability and transparency.”

Yong said his group called themselves the ‘Anti-Spoilt Votes Committee’ because they would lead voters to cast spoilt votes in the coming polls.

“A high number of spoilt votes will prove what we’ve been trying to say, and that is that they (party leadership) had made an unwise decision on DAP Miri’s candidate.”

Another protest member, Brenda Lim, claimed that some DAP members were still sore for being accused of dishonesty by a family member of Lim (Su Kien) during a DAP dinner on April 1 last year. In that incident, women members were searched in the toilet to recover missing cash and handphone belonging to a performing singer.

“Lim and her family failed to apologise for the unfounded accusation after the money and phone were found hidden in the toilet,” said Brenda.

Meanwhile, former Senadin DAP treasurer (2010) and vice chairman (2011) Chong Chin Soon alleged that there was a lack of financial transparency in DAP Senadin.

Chong said he was not happy with the way Lim handled party finances and having him and other committee members replaced during the March 11 EGM without informing them.

He claimed that the new committee members were not eligible to hold posts because under the party’s regulations they had to be members for at least a year to be picked.

Protest member Wong Teck Hock stressed that their protest was not a personal vendetta, but a reminder to party leaders not to ignore grassroots’ feelings.

“We started complaining to state party leaders about Lim’s behaviours since November last year. That is why we were shocked when she was nominated despite our feedbacks,” he said. – Borneo Post

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