Guan Eng denies affair, says ‘I’m no Soi Lek’

By Susan Loone

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has finally broken his silence on recent allegations that his wife Betty Chew assaulted his former staff member.

Lim said the allegation was a result of BN and MCA’s character assassination, and at the same time denied that he had an affair with his former staff member or that his wife assaulted anyone.

chua soi lek debate lim guan eng“Let my wife and me prove in court that MCA lied, that Lim Guan Eng is not (MCA president, right) Dr Chua Soi Lek,” said Lim, in reference to Chua’s admission of an extramarital affair in December 2008.

Referring to Duyong state assemblyperson Gan Tian Loo’s allegation in the Malacca state legislative assembly on Monday, Lim said it was an abuse of assembly immunity.

He challenged Gan, who is Malacca MCA chief, to repeat the allegations outside the state assembly so that he and his wife could take legal action for defamation.

“Gan has abused the Malacca state assembly privilege and immunity by making false allegations of a private moral scandal against me and my wife,” said Lim, reading from a prepared statement at a press conference in Penang today.

NONELim (centre in picture) said if Gan failed to repeat his allegations outside the state assembly, he would show himself to be a “coward who is unfit to be a leader, a state executive council member and a wakil rakyat”.

“Worse, he will show himself unworthy to be husband and father of his children, who can make false allegations against another to destroy not just his political career but also the family’s happiness,” he said.

“What kind of leader is Gan when he is willing to be used as a lackey of Umno to play such gutter politics?” Lim asked.

He cited the case of unfounded allegations against his son, who was alleged to have molested a female schoolmate.

‘No apology forthcoming’

He said no apology was forthcoming from the accusers and neither was there any action taken by both the police and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission despite the various police reports he had filed.

“In constrast, immediate action is taken when such a smear campaign is directed against BN leaders.”

Lim said that having failed to destory his son and affect him, the BN media machinery has now undertaken another smear campaign through MCA against his wife.

He added that the DAP never indulged in such gutter politics when Chua was involved in the sex scandal.

He expressed regret that despite the restrain shown by DAP towards Chua, MCA has “shamelessly stooped so low”.

He stressed that he would not ask Chua to direct Gan to repeat his allegations in public as Chua hd no moral authority to do so, and instead asked Prime Minister Najib Razak to give the order. – Mkini

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