Lim: Soi Lek has courage of being thick-skinned

By Susan Loone

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has described MCA president Chua Soi Lek’s decision to admit his involvement in a sex scandal as “the courage of being thick-skinned”.

Lim asked if admitting to a private moral scandal could absolve Chua from blame and transform him into a “hero of courage”.

Lim said he did not understand Chua’s challenge to him to admit to a secret relationship with a former staff when there was none.

NONEHe added he also does not understand why his wife – Betty Chew (left) – had to admit to assaulting the person when she had never assaulted anyone in her life.

He blamed BN cyber-troopers hiding in “anonymous shadows” for spreading vicious lies against his family and him on a daily basis.

“I have chosen to ignore them or else I would have no time to perform my duties as the Penang chief minister,” said Lim in Penang today.

“However, when these lies are hurled against me by BN and MCA leaders directly, I have a duty and a right to protect my family,” added the DAP secretary-general.

Past indiscretion

Lim was referring to Chua’s statement that he dared admit his past indiscretion in 2008 and had accused him of being incapable of doing the same.

Chua held that Lim was not like him because he had the “courage and political morals” to take responsibility and bear the consequences.

The former health minister had said this just hours after Lim held a press conference to deny having an affair with his former member of his staff.

Malacca MCA chief Gan Tian Loo at the recent Malacca state legislative assembly sitting, had hinted at impropriety in his relationship with a certain woman, and demanded if the Penang chief minister knew her.

NONEGan (right) had been challenged to repeat the allegation in public to allow Lim and his wife to initiate a defamation suit.

Lim urged Chua to prove the basis of the “wild allegations” against him and his family.

He asked if his refusal to reply to such “lies” in the internet months ago or his determination to sue those who spread such lies, was a sign of guilt.

He prodded Chua to repeat the allegations so that he and his wife could initiate legal action for defamation to clear the family’s name for the sake of their children.

“The question to Chua is “Do you have the courage to repeat these false allegations in public so we can let the courts decide”? Lim demanded. – Mkini

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