Undaunted OWC releases new sex guide

By Ahmad Fadli KC

After the banned ‘Holy Islamic Sex‘ (Seks Suci Islam) guide’s sizzling debut, the Obedient Wives’ Club (OWC) has launched another publication for Muslims titled ‘The Holy Spirit and Holy Islamic Sex Booklet’ (Risalah Roh Suci dan Seks Suci Islam).
owc president fauziah ariffin (left)At a press conference in Rawang yesterday, OWC spokesperson Fauziah Ariffin (left) said that the 24-page book is not only for club members but also for the general public.
She explained that the booklet stressed the need for a wife to be loyal and obedient to her husband, as it is a tenet of faith and mandated by God.

“It describes in all frankness how God asks all women to be good wives. It is not what the husband wants but what God asks.
That is what will satisfy husbands and prevent them from straying to vices,” Fauziah said.

‘Book requires open mind’

However, she cautioned that readers can only benefit from the lessons in the RM15 priced booklet only if they read it with an open mind.

“If read with an open mind and without prejudice, we shall find that it is very useful for those already married,” said Fauziah.

Asked about the absence of specific sexual techniques in the guide, Fauziah said that they are confined to club members only.

“For members, we teach them. How to face their husbands, to dress, to act and so on.
NONEThe practical parts (techniques) if displayed is prohibited. The portrayal (in the book) is not lewd, but those who are married will understand,” she described.
She also chastised Malay women whom she said neglected to utilise the marriage institution to explore the full gamut of permissible sexual relations between a married couple.

“Sorry to say this, but Malay women are a bit orthodox, but Allah has made it (sex between husband and wife) permissible.”

The sex booklet was launched in conjunction with the celebrations honouring Israk Mikraj and the mid month of Sya’aban by Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd, a corporate entity owned by former Al-Arqam members, the founders of OWC.

Also launched yesterday were four other Muslim-themed Global Ikhwan products.
OWC’s promotion of Muslim sex-guides prior were subject to stern action by the authorities who had slapped a ban on it and raided an OWC programme promoting the product as well. – Mkini

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