If you want to play dirty, please be more creative lah!

AT the start of Sodomy 1 in 1998, this line was very popular – “We have kolo mee, wan tan mee, maggi mee and now, sodo-mee.”

When the joke started making its rounds, I’m sure we all had a chuckle. Well, it was funny all right. It rhymed too.

I’ve heard that someone quickly registered a company named Sodomee. It’s a catchy name, so why not? Nyap Sayot, a popular Sarawak football chant in the 80s, became the name of a business entity too.

The poor fella at the end of the sodo-mee cracker was none other than Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. In 1998, it was the first time he was charged for sodomy.

In Sodomy 2 in 2008, the line had gone stale. It was not funny any more. In fact, we hardly heard it throughout the Sodomy 2 trial.

After two sodomy trials, spanning more than a decade involving the same central figure, Malaysians must be tired of such a sexual allegation in the political arena. We already had an overdose of it. Cukup lah!

Most of us would find another sodomy allegation boring. To me, it’s also so unoriginal. I wish that those politicians and their kakis who enjoy indulging in dirty, smear campaigns would be more creative. They should put on their thinking caps and come up with something more original. Then that would probably catch my attention.

What? Another sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim? What a yawn!

This week, a blogger who goes by the name of Papagomo claimed that a fresh sodomy case was being brought against the opposition leader.

In a blog posting on Tuesday, the blogger claimed that he had received information that a university student had lodged a police report against the PKR de facto leader, claiming to have been sodomised the previous night.

The blogger alleged that the report was made in a police station in one of the northern states in the country.

“It is not known if the report is real or not but what is certain is that all embassies in Malaysia must not protect Anwar if he decides to hide himself like he did in the previous sodomy case,” wrote the blogger.

Without divulging more, the blogger teased his readers, asking them to wait for more in the next development.

Papagomo also posted a photo of the said student in a police vehicle. The student was accompanied by another man in what appeared to be a police patrol car.

Let me say what I think of this latest allegation against Anwar. It’s totally absurd and silly, besides being dull and lacking originality.

The blogger is also believed to be attached to a political party and is known to have launched countless attacks against PKR and its leaders. Hence, the blogger’s credibility is also questionable.

I find the claim silly and absurd because I just cannot believe that Anwar Ibrahim would be so dumb to go for Round Three at this stage of his political career.

Rightly, PKR men quickly brushed off the fresh allegation of sodomy, saying the blogger making the claim is notorious for his lack of credibility.

Anwar himself is taking all this in his stride, attending a Peace and Reconciliation in Southeast Asia conference in Jakarta. In his tweets, the opposition leader said on Wednesday that he will be at the conference with former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Sinawatra and Nobel peace prize recipient and Timor Leste ex-president Jose Ramos-Horta.

PKR men are not alone in dismissing the sodomy claim. Deputy inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar also said no such report had been lodged, as claimed by the anti-Anwar blogger.

So there is no police report. This statement from the police chief should put the blogger squarely in his place.

I think the blogger is a lazy fellow with nothing much in his head. He is unable to think of fresh tactics to cut down the political opponents of his boss. I would get rid of such a lazy guy in no time. I wouldn’t want such a nitwit in my campaign team.

Let me state this again. If you want to play dirty, please be more creative. Playing dirty also takes some effort. If you want to smear your political opponent, use a bit of your brain. Don’t come up with the same allegation over and over again. Sodo-mee is a stale dish. It’s not funny any more. Nobody’s laughing now.

Lest we forget, Anwar Ibrahim was also cleared of his two sodomy charges.

Don’t ask me for new ideas on how to play dirty. I’m not a politician and even if I were, I doubt I want to play dirty. And why should politicians play dirty anyway? Can we not fight each other fairly and squarely and allow the best man to win?

I think it’s important for us all to understand and appreciate that vilification of political opponents degrades public discourse and threatens democracy.

Democratic societies require the free exchange of ideas among a populace willing and able to make informed judgements about them. But if we fail to engage in the rational examination of ideas and seek instead to work our will through vilification and personal attack, the democratic process is subverted.

Honestly, I doubt that those who indulge in smear tactics against their political opponents care at all about the democratic process.

Their main goal is to win and win at all costs, never mind what happens to the other side. Needless to say, these are the breed of politicians Malaysia can do without.

But seriously, if you cannot stop playing dirty, do come up with new plans and fresh tactics. Don’t bore us with the same stuff.

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