Nik Aziz okays polygamy for PAS reps

PAS has no objection for its elected representatives to have more than one wife as long as they are capable of meeting all the requirements for polygamy, PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said.

“We cannot stop them (PAS elected representatives) from getting married and having up to four wives, that’s their personal issues and it does not contravene Islamic teachings as long as they are adhering to the regulations,” the Kelantan menteri besar told reporters after delivering his weekly lecture at Dataran Ilmu today.

He was responding to the current scenario where many PAS elected representatives were reported to have more than one wife, including the allegation that one PAS assemblyman in particular had even tied the knot with actress Abby Abadi who joined the party recently.
The assemblyman, however, had denied the allegation.

When asked whether the scenario would affect the elected representatives’ political career, Nik Aziz said: “That’s their problems.”

In another development, Nik Abdul Aziz said the state government would also give a half-month bonus to its staff before Hari Raya as implemented by the federal government.
“This matter has been finalised and I have also signed the approval,” he said.
– Bernama

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