‘Don’t be rude to Karpal’

By Athi Shankar

BUTTERWORTH: A DAP assemblyman here has hit out at  Terengganu PAS Youth chief Mohd Nor Hamzah for “being rude” by calling on Karpal  Singh to quit politics over the Islamist party’s hudud issue.

He said Karpal has been consistently the most vocal elected representative to  voice out against any threat against the secular ideals of the Malaysian  constitution.

karpal Singh
“Karpal has regularly fought for justice, fairness and equality for all. PAS  Islamic stance to implement hudud is clearly unconstitutional,” he told FMT  today.

Thus, he said Karpal was duty-bound to hit out at PAS’ unconstitutional and  extreme Islamist agenda, which can threaten national unity in long run.

He reminded Nor Hamzah to show respect to elders like Karpal, given the DAP  leader’s political experience.

“Who is he to call Karpal to quit… is he qualified to do so in first place?  It’s rude, uncalled-for and unjustifiable,” said Tanasekharan.

In calling for Karpal’s political retirement, Mohd Nor claimed that the  senior politician’s “outdated views” had become a liability to Pakatan  Rakyat.

The Bukit Payung assemblyman claimed that Karpal’s media outbursts against  the implementation of hudud had strained the relationship among Pakatan  parties.

The PAS Islamic agenda could become a hurdle for Pakatan to seize control of  Putrajaya in the next general election.

Karpal has regularly spoken against PAS Islamic brand while PAS leaders have  erroneously claimed that he was alone in the DAP opposing it.

‘Karpal not alone’ DAP top defenders of ethnic Chinese interests like Lim Kit  Siang and, his son and party secretary-general Guan Eng may have been quiet on  the Islamist issue.

But party grassroots leaders like those in Selangor DAP are backing Karpal to  oppose any attempt to implement Islamic law.

The group spokesmen, Klang-based DAP branch leaders – Taman Chi Liung Indah’s  K Yogasigamany and Taman Gembira’s Ivan Ho – insisted that Karpal was not alone  in the issue.

Claiming to have the support 18 DAP branches in Selangor, the duo slammed  PAS’ Islamic state agenda as “incompatible” with the Malaysian secular  society.

“We in the DAP fully support Karpal’s views that no  party in Pakatan should impose their brand of Islamic values on a multiracial  society,” they told FMT.

They rapped PAS for using its influence in Selangor Pakatan government to  spark several controversial issues since 2008.

Among them were segregation of unmarried couples in a cinema in Kuala  Selangor; JAIS (Selangor Islamic Affairs Department) raid on Damansara Utama  Methodist Church; confiscation of alcohol items in Shah Alam; outright objection  to build cinemas in Bangi; and demolition of a pig abattoir in Alor Setar,  Kedah.

The duo blamed the PAS brand of Islam and the ineptness of relevant  authorities for the controversial issues to remain unresolved despite mass  protest.

“We in the DAP will always oppose any attempt by PAS to implement hudud law  in this country. We will back Karpal on this all the way,” said Yogasigamany and  Ho in a statement to FMT.

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