‘Selangor allowed 4,000 massage parlours’


(NST) – Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew of DAP was taken to task by a MCA leader  yesterday for not explaining why there was a growing number of illegal  massage parlours operating in Selangor.

MCA Selangor liaison committee secretary Wong Kun Moon claimed that  since DAP and its allies took over the state in 2008, the number of  massage parlours had increased from 800 to 4,000.

“Liu had repeatedly denied this during state assembly sessions by  saying that the previous administration under Barisan Nasional had put a  freeze on the applications of new massage parlours since 2006.

“However, despite the freeze, about 3,200 illegal centres are now operating in the state,” Wong said when contacted yesterday.

(Liu is the Selangor executive council member in charge of Local  Government, Research and Development and also Pandamaran assemblyman.)

Wong said several Selangor leaders, including Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s  Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, had queried Liu over the rising  number of illegal massage parlours in the state.

“Every time the issue is raised, Liu will put the blame on the previous BN-led Selangor government.”

According to Wong, there were about 4,000 massage parlours operating in the state and a majority of them had no licence.

“There are more than 400 illegal centres operating in Klang alone. If  Liu is sceptical, I urge him to take a look for himself and to stop  lying.”

Wong, who is also Kuala Kubu Baru assemblyman, also urged Liu to  clarify the matter by disclosing the number of massage parlours approved  by the state government since 2008.

“The Selangor government has the authority to issue permits for these  parlours, but its failure to enforce its rules over these centres has  resulted in the rise of social problems.”

Wong also challenged Liu to prove he was not colluding with the owners of such centres “for his own personal benefit”.

He was referring to an incident on Nov 2, 2007, where Liu was accused  of inciting the staff and customers of a hotel in Puchong to prevent a  Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) enforcement officer from performing  his duties.

In the anti-vice operation, police and MPSJ officers had raided the  unlicensed hotel and detained 22 foreign prostitutes, including 12 male  patrons.

In response to the allegations, Liu told Wong to refrain from making  unsubstantiated claims and challenged him to disclose the list of the  4,000 massage parlours within 24 hours.

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