Bukit Bintang MP punches fleeing snatch thief

By Lee Way Loon

A suspected snatch thief was arrested while fleeing after a 66-year-old MP punched him on the shoulder.

The heroic lawmaker is DAP’s three-term Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun.

The incident happened yesterday on a street near Shaw Parade, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, when Fong was walking to his car after lunch.

“I saw several people chasing after a man,” he said when contacted today.

fong kui lunWithout hesitation, Fong (right) gave a punch to the man when the latter was running past him.

“I tried to punch his face but only managed to reach his left shoulder,” he said.

The punch managed to slow down the man and led to those chasing him being able to make a citizen’s arrest.

Fong said the suspect, together with another accomplice, had tried to flee the scene after allegedly snatching a woman’s mobile phone.

Members of the public made a citizen’s arrest of the duo, and the woman managed to recover her mobile phone.

Fong told Malaysiakini that the punch was a knee-jerk response.

“I only know some Tai Chi movements. I did not think much of it, it was a reflexive action,” he said.

He commended the courage and selflessness shown by those who had rendered assistance, and hoped that more people could work together to fight crime.

The DAP treasurer also urged the police to increase their patrols and take effective action to reduce crime.

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