Angry Proton customer goes ballistic

By Teoh El Sen

‘I’m really frustrated… I didn’t get this car for free you know, I paid for it… bloody screwed up car,’ rants the man in a video posted on YouTube.


PETALING JAYA: Everybody knows the saying that “the customer is always right”, but what does one do when a customer starts yelling at the sales team?

In a Proton showroom, you stand and gawk at the irate customer in total silence.

A video-clip had been posted on YouTube recently depicting a livid customer firing a verbal salvo at the sales team in the showroom.

One link of the video garnered over 80,000 views since it was uploaded a month ago.

In the “Proton and angry customer” clip, the man was seen berating an entire floor of Proton employees, apparently frustrated about how he had been treated.

Peppered with profanities, he was heard shouting: “You…being a salesman, at least ask your customer, what is wrong with your car…you don’t just walk off here and take your customers as an idiot.”

“You’ve got no bloody ethics as a sales manager…I’m really frustrated… I didn’t get this car for free you know, I paid for it… bloody screwed up car.”

The only visible response he received from the blue uniformed staff and security personnel was an awkward silence.

Even the security guard was seen standing a distance away, appearing unsure what to do.

At one point, on employee, unseen in the video, had smiled, infuriating the man further. He responded:” Dont’ give me that smile again please, I’ll wipe that smile off your face!”

Calling himself a “very patient guy” who smiles at everyone, the man warned the staff several times: “Dont’ treat your customer like shit.”

He also said that the sales manager should be embarrassed of himself and resign.

“If you can’t speak English go and resign lah. You don’t understand, what is faith? [It] means I have no trust in the car, go and look in the dictionary.”

He even challenged the security to call the police, “I’m not scared”

National carmaker Proton had always been criticised for churning out inferior cars not befitting of their price tags and its after sales service had also been the subject of ridicule.

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