GE13 also do-or-die for Pakatan oldies, says Soi Lek

By Nigel Aw

While the next general election has been described as a do-or-die situation for MCA, its president Chua Soi Lek said this was even more so for Pakatan Rakyat.

This, he told some 1,546 delegates at the Selangor MCA convention this afternoon, was because the Pakatan chiefs were incredibly old compared with the grey heads in the BN.

“When I see the age of leaders in the opposition, PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is 81, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is 72, the PKR supremo is 66. When I see their age, I feel very young.

“If these people cannot successfully capture federal power, they cannot afford to wait another five years,” said the 65-year-old MCA chief.

selangor mca state convention chua soi lek and donald lim 2 frontHe added that these leaders were unlike Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak still in his 50s and healthy. Najib is 59.

Chua (left in photo) also took several swipes at DAP, including its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng who had during their previous debate described Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman set up by MCA as a symbol of the party’s failure to curb discrimination in education.

“They criticise us but they have contributed nothing to education. They should feel ashamed. Shame on you!” he said, echoing Lim’s line.

‘Anwar mum on Chinese education’

He also pointed out that despite DAP’s boast that it would allow more Chinese schools  to built should Pakatan Rakyat come to power, PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim,seen as the coalition chief, continued to duck the issue.

“There is no consensus in Pakatan on this. This is the fifth time I have raised this and there is still no response from Anwar, he dare not comment. Please, please answer me,” he said.

Continuing to serve raw meat to the delegates, Chua described DAP as bleach that could cleanse any tainted leader.

NONE“When Anwar (right) was in Umno, DAP would attack him for corruption, but now that he is in the opposition, they say he is good.

“I would suggest if anyone is tainted, they should look to DAP for cleansing,” he said.

Chua called on the delegates to step up their publicity effort in countering the DAP’s and Pakatan’s attacks against the party.

MCA chief also called on delegates not to sabotage the party’s candidates in the next general election and close ranks in facing the upcoming polls. – Mkini

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