Pandelela – the darling of Sarawak

VOXPOP ‘She talks just like my teenage daughter and she’s the country’s hottest athlete. Keep it up, Lela.’Pandelela rejects blind date but accepts ‘online proposal’

vox populi small thumbnailFairplayer: Dive queen Pandelela Rinong, I am glad to hear that your mom was your great motivator. I salute her!

May we see more moms coming out to be the force of the successes of their children. May dads be equally challenged as well. And may you inspire more young people to channel their energy and time in similar wholesome direction.

Hmmmmmmmm: It’s so sad to hear that Pandelela’s mother couldn’t stay to watch the finals because of financial considerations. That would have been her proudest moment, I’m sure.

Sonea: She is so sweet, really! Maybe Malaysia Airlines (MAS) or AirAsia can make her dream of being a stewardess come true?

Anonymous #06659895: Pandelela, please help and motivate your people to struggle harder, especially in education and not being taken advantage of by people who have bad motives, such as ‘stealing’ your native lands.

Keep close to your spiritual values and you won’t go far wrong. Congratulations, Malaysians are proud of you.

Anonymous #75854042: Well done, Lela. Every Sarawakian loves you! Stay humble and continue to train hard. If possible, please reject any datukship given to you as an honour for your Olympic achievement.

Tell them to keep it for you until you are 30 years old when you retire from competitive diving. Now that you are a winner, all the VVIPs will praise you. But should you lose the next time, they will curse and ignore you.

Just be who you are. All Malaysians, particularly Sarawakians, are proud of you. You are the darling of Sarawak.

FellowMalaysian: She talks just like my teenage daughter and she’s the country’s hottest athlete. Keep it up, Lela.

Anonymous_5fb: Lela, you are a girl any father would like his daughter to be – jovial, humble and simple. – Mkini

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