Free sex after nine car washes offer in Sunway

BEST DEAL: FREE SEX after 9 car washes
Innovation took a law-breaking twist when a car washing service tied up with a massage parlour to boost each other’s businesses through a customer loyalty programme.

And the firms gave customer loyalty a new meaning by offering free sex after nine car washes.

That way, both firms could benefit from increased custom.

Or so they thought.

The fledgling three-month special car wash service came to a grinding halt on Monday night when police raided the massage parlour in Sunway Mentari, about 15 km from Kuala Lumpur, Malay Mail reported.

Nine Vietnamese women, believed to be prostitutes and guest relation officers, aged between 18 and 28, were arrested.

Selangor National Key Result Area (NKRA) Crime Prevention Division officer-in-charge, Assistant Superintendent Emmi Shah Fadhil, said police got wind of the deal after they found several car wash loyalty cards from five customers who were caught having sex with the prostitutes during the raid.

It was just another routine massage parlour raid, ASP Emmi Shah said, until the team found out that customers who sent their cars to the nearby car wash were given a loyalty card each.

Extra ‘offer’

He told Malay Mail: “To get the extra ‘offer’, customers must send their cars for washing nine times within a certain period. The 10th car wash will entitle them to free sex.”

But car owners who did not want to wait for nine car washes for free sex could pay between RM130 and RM180 (S$52 and S$72) for immediate gratification at the massage parlour.

Said ASP Emmi Shah: “When we raided the premises, the women panicked. Some even tried to hide in the storeroom.

“Four men, believed to be the operators and caretakers, were also detained.”

He said besides the loyalty cards, the team also found several condoms stashed inside a microwave. Checks revealed the premises, equipped with CCTV, only allowed patrons of a certain ethnicity to enter.

He said the women were found to have violated their social visit passes and had been working without permits. They were taken to Petaling Jaya police headquarters for further investigations.

From January to August, Selangor police made 4,220 raids and detained 2,304 women involved in prostitution and vice activities, the report said.

Out of the total, 214 women were Malaysians while 2,090 of them were foreigners. – The New Paper

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