Rosmah and black magic? No way!

By CT Ali

To indulge in black magic, one must be mindful of its pantangs and must cleanse one’s mind, body and spirit of life’s impurities. Can Rosmah do that?

When we write we have a responsibility to tell the truth. At times I wish we could write unburdened by the need to be factual or to maintain a semblance of journalistic integrity – but not to do so would put what we write into the realm of fiction.

Fiction and facts swirls in and around Putrajaya – none more so as in and around Seri Perdana. That is why I believe that the story making its round on the Net about Rosmah Mansor dabbling in black magic should never have seen the light of day.

For surely it borders within the realms of fiction or at best, half truths.

Black magic in the halls of Seri Perdana? Conversing with the spirit world, delving into the world of the supernatural and the occults, removing negative energy and breaking cycles of bad luck?

Are any of the rooms in Seri Perdana boarded up so that the Prince of Darkness can make his abode there and call upon all of those dark forces to neutralise Rosmah’s enemies and allow her to fulfilled her potential? Another five years in Seri Perdana as FLOM perhaps?

Are Friday nights the time to sprinkle salt and black pepper, have mutterings of incantations and casting of spells, with goblins abounds, with the aroma of scented oil and kemayan wafting through Seri Perdana?

If Rosmah had any use of these bomohs, surely it is not for their healing services. Would she then be seeking the services of these bomohs ala Mona Fandey – seeking power and wealth?

But these are surely the conjectures of an over active Pakatan Rakyat mind or their rabid supporters! Surely not of CT Ali.

Consider this!

The strict regime

To indulge in black magic and be in the company of  bomohs requires one to be mindful of its pantangs (prohibitions) and demands one to cleanse one’s mind, body and spirit of life’s impurities.

Could Rosmah do that?

Abstain from meat, rich fatty food and the excesses of a decadent life style (Hermes handbags and shopping trips abroad included!). Rosmah just cancelled herself out of that one.

Despite badminton and all the nutritional advise available to her as FLOM, Rosmah is still generously proportioned.

How can she maintain the strict regiment of kosher meals required of any proponents of the occults?

One must also abstain from having sex or engage in any sexual activities of any genre. Err, susah sikit to confirm but safe to say they (as in Najib and Rosmah) may possibly be able to comply.

Have any of you seen Rosmah muttering to herself and then taking a few deep breaths and keep still for 10 seconds (hard enough for her to do even for five seconds what more for ten!)?

If you have, then you will know that she may well be into the bomoh ‘thing’ – perhaps reciting a secret mantra or her bomoh’s name  – who may perhaps be Tok Memuri Temu Sarji.

Tok Memuri Temu Sarji is a Jerantut-based bomoh who was under the tutelage of an Indian guru and a Thai monk – the ultimate Harvard of bomoh’s tutelage if ever there was one.

The body and the mind must be clear of any imperfection in thoughts and deeds – easier said than done for Rosmah – both for the mental and physical aspects required.

The powerful one in Seri Perdana

One of the problems that Rosmah will have is to keep quiet while the bomoh speaks to the spirits.

Can you see FLOM willing herself to be quiet? She will surely want to have her say with the spirits with or without using the bomoh to channel the conversation – hell, she will most probably want to be directly connected to the spirits! No can do!

These bomohs do their work best on the floor. That would be a problem for Rosmah. Would it not?

Easy enough for her to sit but to rise again unaided would be a near impossible task given that her body weight ratio is not in proportion with the ability of her legs muscles to perform the task of pushing her from a sitting position to a standing one. So no can do that one too lah!

Normally in these circumstances it would be us that would be in awe when in the presence of these bomohs, but I wonder if that would be the case with Rosmah?

Who would be in awe of whom? The bomoh will be so in awe of Rosmah that he will tell her whatever it is they think she wants to know, like whether Najib will still be PM after the 13th GE, or when he should call for the GE.

So the independence of any bomoh that serves Rosmah would be suspect if not compromised by thoughts of Rosmah yelling “Off With His Head!”.

Black magic would also require Rosmah to be subservient to her bomoh. If she cannot do that with the prime minister of Malaysia, what hope has the bomoh have?

She already has power and wealth so what need has she of any bomoh?

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CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.

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