Kit Siang ‘not giving thought’ to joining BN

By Aidila Razak

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said the party has yet to meet to discuss the various proposals on DAP’s role in the new government, but he is personally not giving them any thought.

NONE“Give (people) time to give various proposals and give us time to respond accordingly.

“I am not giving consideration to any proposals,” he told reporters at a press conference at the DAP headquarters today.

He was responding to a proposal by former information minister Zainuddin Maidin for DAP to join the BN to represent the Chinese community’s interests in the coalition.

Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute chief executive officer Michael Yeoh has also called on newly sworn-in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to form a broad coalition government which includes DAP, PKR and PAS as partners.

Najib was urged to do so in a bid to forge national reconciliation after the nation’s most bitterly fought polls on May 5.

The results saw BN’s victory at federal level tainted through allegations of fraud, which brought some 120,000 people to a Pakatan Rakyat-organised rally last night.

To a question, Lim said that Pakatan will continue to host rallies nationwide irrespective of whether election petitions will be lodged to contest the results.

“Whether election petitions are filed depends on individual merits of each case but rallies will continue because we must keep the public informed,” he said.

NONEElection petitions can be filed within 21 days after the election results are gazetted.

He also snidely praised the police for being so “efficient” by investigating 28 people who spoke at the mega rally in Kelana Jaya last night.

However, he said he is puzzled as to why the “super amazing efficiency” does not extend to allegedly seditious statements made by those linked to or supported by Umno, such as Malay rights group Perkasa.

Separately, the Gelang Patah MP declined to comment on tweets by PKR deputy president Azmin Ali purportedly questioning the need for the rally.

“I have not seen them, so I cannot comment,” he said. – Malaysiakini

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