Belaga heroes save more than 100 from watery death

MAGNIFICENT TRIO : (From right) Harudis, Harimi and Neruis recalling their rescue efforts when met at the site of the incident yesterday.

By Yunus Yussop

BELAGA: Three friends from Rumah Sekapan Panjang are hailed as heroes by people here for saving more than 100 passengers of the Kawan Masin Sungai Bungan in the upper reaches of the Rajang on Tuesday.

Using just two boats powered by outboard engines, Harudis Busan, 41, Harimi Taju, 30 and Nerius Busan, 36 drove back and forth from the bank to the capsized vessel to pick up survivors in the turbulent water.

According to Harudis when met yesterday, it was very fortunate they were in their boats a short distance from where the boat capsized.

He recalled that the engine of the express boat had stalled and it was struggling against the strong current before it hit a rock and capsized.

“I saw the express boat was about to capsize and most of the passengers on the roof were jumping into the river,” he said.

The trio moved straight for the passengers floundering in the strong current.

“When we reach there, the boat had already overturned and those in the water were struggling to swim to the shore in the turbulent water,” said Harudis.

He remembered the first persons he picked up were a father and a son. – Borneo Post

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