Public varsity intake not transparent, says Waytha

Opaque selection process for public universities has caused distrust among non-bumiputera students, said Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P Waythamoorthy.

In a press release today, Waythamoorthy said the student admissions department (UPU) ought to inform the public of the grades obtained by students to qualify for certain courses.

“Most crucially with regard to critical courses, as pertaining to those candidates who had obtained the maximum grades should be laid bare for public scrutiny.

“This transparency will serve to allay the doubts and distrust of the affected non-bumiputera students and their anxious parents,” he said.

He said that such transparency will allow the next batch of students to have more clarity on how best to maximise their chances of securing a course of their choice.

Absurb situation

Of late, pre-university students of Indian descent have complained that despite obtaining top marks, they were denied a seat in a course of their choice.

Describing this situation as “absurd”, Waythamoorthy said bumiputera students had many exclusive paths to gain access to public universities, while middle and low income non-bumiputera families can only depend on public universities.

“Our department was approached by numerous low income parents and students whereby those candidates have achieved a full 4.0 CGPA yet they are unable to pursue the faculty of their choice in one of the 20 public universities available.”

For now, Waythamoorthy suggested that the federal government place such students in private universities as an interim solution.

“In this way, the mismatch in supply-and-demand for most sought-after university places can be temporarily alleviated for those deserving students until a justifiable permanent solution is there for them,” he said. – Malaysiakini

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