PAS: Make public identities of gun owners

PAS has urged the police to review all gun licences issued to ensure that the guns did not fall into the wrong hands, contributing to the recent spate of shootings.

NONEPAS information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man (left) also urged that the identities of all licenced gun owners be made public.

“The police should review the activities of all gun onwers in the country to ensure the guns have not been misused.

“The list of all gun owners should be made public, if this is allowed for by the law and does not pose a security threat,” he said in a statement today.

Tuan Ibrahim said that revision of gun licences is required as this could be one of the ways criminals are getting their hands on firearms despite Malaysia’s tight gun control policies.

These policies, he said, include a maximum death penalty for certain offences under the Firearms Act (Increased Penalties) 1971 and strict requirements for those wanting a gun licence.

“With this, and the recent shootings in mind, PAS hopes that the police can also enlighten us as to the number of gun licences already issued thus far,” he said.

Should the guns used in the attacks are found to be unlicenced, he said police should work with other agencies like the Immigration and Customs Departments to stop the smuggling of guns into the country.

Malaysia turning into South America

NONEMeanwhile, in a separate statement, PAS Youth secretary Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil (right) said that the recent shootings are igniting fears that Malaysia “is not longer peaceful”.

“The country is now similar to countries in South America, Africa or those conflict regions where drug cartels, gangsters, underlords and assassins rule…,” he said.

As such, he urged the government to form a separate committee to monitor and prevent crimes involving firearms.

Inspector-general of police Abdul Khalid Abu Bakar reportedly said that the police have formed a special task force to clamp down on gun smuggling syndicates.

He was reported as saying that firearms are being smuggled through the borders, including across the Kelantan-Thai border of Sungai Golok. – Malaysiakini

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