49 gangs named, 40,313 gangsters wanted, no politicians involved

Alfian ZM Tahir

The membership of these banned organisations stood at 40,313 – with 28,926 of them being Indians, Chinese (8,214), Malays (1,923), Sabahans (329) and Sarawakians (921).

PUTRAJAYA: The Home Ministry has declared 49 societies or gangs to be unlawful under the Societies Act 1966, in the latest move by the authorities to clamp down on triads following a rise in gun violence and crime in the country.

The list was issued today by order of Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and contains prominent gangs such as Geng 04, Geng 08, Tiga Line and Geng 36.

In announcing the list, Home Ministry secretary-general Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi said the gang members were involved in murders, extortion, causing mayhem and drug-related activities.

They belong to organisations which have violated the law under Section 5 (1) of the Societies Act 1966 on the date of the gazette, which took effect yesterday (Aug 28).

He said all assets belonging to these organisations would be seized and those found using the names, symbols or premises, or identifying themselves as members of any of the 49 organisations would be arrested.

He also said that the membership of these banned organisations stood at 40,313 – with 28,926 of them being Indians, Chinese (8,214), Malays (1,923), Sabahans (329) and Sarawakians (921).

No politicians involved

Meanwhile  in another press conference, Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar refuted a claim made by a Chinese daily newspaper that politicians were involved in underworld syndicate.

However, he assured that police would definitely take action if they have any information on that matter.

“No at the moment… I have no information on that matter but of course police will take serious action if we have reliable sources on the info,” Khalid said in a Hari Raya celebration at Selangor police headquarters.

It was reported today that politicians were involved in gangsterism with at least 10 major secret societies.

Banned gangs

The full list of prohibited societies released today is as follows:

1) Geng 04

2) Geng 08

3) Double 7

4) Tiga Line

5) Geng 30

6) Geng 38

7) Geng 24

8) Geng 18

9) Geng 36

10) Geng 21

11) Ang Soon Thong

12) Wah Kee

13) Sio Sam Ong

14) PNEH

15) Hong Hong San

16) Hai San

17) Sin Ang Bin

18) New Cell 20

19) Jit It Hai

20) Sio Koon Tong

21) Gee Lam Kor

22) Gee Ah Eng

23) Loh Kuan

24) Tiang Yee Tong

25) Geng Leng Hor

26) Geng 35

27) Geng 303

28) Geng Satu Hati

29) ATAP

30) Hung Ann

31) Sui Yup

32) Otai

33) Borneo Red EMP

34) Ah Ngau

35) Batu Tiga

36) Ah Feng

37) Batu 10

38) Sibu Ti

39) Ah Seng

40) Ah Chin

41) Lee Lung

42) Lo Han

43) Sg Merah

44) Sg Badut

45) Ting Ching Lee

46) Tua Cak Lee

47) Teksi Station

48) Pintu Merah

49) Krokop


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