People’s Tribunal: Threats, dead aide and tearful mother

Alfian ZM Tahir

Tapah PKR candidate claims the party’s security aide’s slaying had resulted in him fearing to go near the masses.

SUBANG JAYA: Speaking before the Bersih’s People’s Tribunal panel this morning, Tapah PKR candidate K Vasantha Kumar claimed that Barisan Nasional supporters from the Tapah parliamentary constituency had supposedly threatened former PKR security aide K Murugan during the 13th general election campaign.

He also claimed that Murugan’s mother K Rajamah had also supposedly received “threats against her son” over the phone.

“It created fear among us (PKR supporters). As a candidate myself, I was afraid to meet people and even to go near BN supporters,” Vasantha said in the first session of the tribunal.

On May 4, Murugan’s body was found floating in a pond near Batu Gajah, Perak after he was reported missing on the May 1.

Murugan’s face was brutally smashed in, body slashed and tied with barbed wire. His body was dumped into the pond, weighed down with 52kg of scrap metal.

Meanwhile, Vasantha also claimed at the tribunal that his aide Amani William – who was at the Orang Asli settlement in Tapah during the campaign – informed him that a group of Rela personnel supposedly prevented the Orang Asli from voting during the polling day.

“My aide also informed me that the Orang Asli voters were told to vote for BN and enticed with gifts of food and cooking utensils during campaign period,” Vasantha claimed.

Rajamah meanwhile could not hold back her tears when she was asked to briefly recall the night of the murder incident involving her son Murugan a few days before the general election.

Speaking in Tamil she told the judges that she was informed about the death threats by his son that he would be killed if he continues to assist the PKR candidate during the GE.

The head of the legal team Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar later asked Rajamah on whether the police have updated her with any latest information on the case to which she said no.

When asked to describe that night, Rajamah said that Murugan came back after a ceramah but received a phone call asking him to return to the venue but he never returned home.

“After the ceramah he come back and later he was contacted by someone. He left home and he never came back.”

“No mother should ever undergo what I’ve gone through,” she said in sadness. – FMT

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