Bruce Lee’s last moments revealed

FORMER Taiwanese actress Betty Ting Pei has revealed Bruce Lee’s last moments before he died in her apartment, reported China Press.

Ting, 66, admitted that she had had an intimate relationship with Lee, but that they did not have sex on the day that he died.

She also refuted rumours that the then 32-year-old legendary kungfu star died because he consumed sexual stimulants.

Although it was 40 years ago, Ting said she remembered it just like it happened yesterday.

“I was only 26. The person who said he was the healthiest man on Earth suddenly died in front of me. I could not take it,” she said in an interview with Radio Television Hong Kong recently.

She said she had not thought about breaking up Lee’s marriage with his wife Linda Emery, with whom he had two children.

“I cannot say if I am right or wrong, but I have suffered a lot. It is not fair for either me or Bruce,” she said, adding that Emery met her after Lee’s death.

“She has known about me for a long time,” she said, describing Emery as a “nice and cultured” person.

Ting said her daughter encouraged her to “tell the truth” after being misunderstood for decades.

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