Day 14: Officials still clueless

Apart from the new satellite images of objects in the Indian ocean, this evening’s briefing – which was probably the briefest since – on the disappearance of MH370 revealed that officials continue to remain in the dark.

Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein once again stated that “we are in for the long haul” with regard to the search and rescue mission as well as that the primary objective is to locate the missing aircraft.

Asked if he had made this clear to the families of the passengers and crew with regard to a closure not being in sight, the minister replied: “It is very difficult.”

“The one question they want to know the answer to, is the question that we don’t have the answer for… Where are their loved ones and where is the plane?” he added.

While families in China questioned if the Malaysian government could be trusted as anger mounted, Hishammuddin, however, claimed that a “constructive and frank” discussion was held with affected family members here last night.

“The briefing was well attended, including by family members of the Malaysians on board. There were also representatives from the Chinese embassy.

“We answered most of their questions… But we could not answer all of them,” he added.

As for the investigations, Hishamuddin revealed that as far as he knew, intelligence agencies have discovered nothing suspicious in their probe of the MH370 passenger manifest.

However, he said that the authorities would re-look the matter.

Similarly, Hishammuddin said Ukranian officials have also cleared two of their nationals who were on board the plane.

The minister was also asked to comment on a news report that a Malaysian housewife had spotted what looked like an aircraft in the Indian ocean when flying back from Jedah on March 8.

The mother of 10 had filed two reports on this, one with the police and the other, with the Department of Civil Aviation.

“I have no information on that particular sighting. As I said before, any lead will be followed up..  Now the only credible lead is from Australia,” replied Hishamuddin, referring to the objects sighted in the Indian ocean. – Malaysiakini

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