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Hisham zips lip on why RM100mil spent on rail link

Putrajaya had spent RM100 million to link KLIA and KLIA2 by rail and will charge users RM2 one way, because it is a form of public transport, said acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. Speaking to reporters after visiting the Express … Continue reading

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Hello Dr Mahathir, did people vote BN because of money then?

Hazlan Zakaria QUICK TAKE: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the rakyat often vote the wrong people into power because of short-sightedness and self-serving considerations like money. So the question is – was BN then voted in because of that … Continue reading

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The great May Day hijack: Let Labour Day be about the workers

By Hazlan Zakaria COMMENT: Political parties should perhaps leave May 1 Labour Day to the workers who lack platforms to voice their grievances and issues. This has nothing against political parties striving for this or that that is the cannon … Continue reading

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The Bible speaks about hudud laws

By Stephen Ng Many of my Muslim friends will be surprised to learn that in the Bible, Jesus spoke about the hudud laws. I quote from Matthew 5:27-29, where Jesus said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall … Continue reading

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Make excuses, and find scapegoats

By Mariam Mokhtar One of the oaths that an Umno Baru minister takes is: “Never Apologise. Make excuses. Find scapegoats.” Actually this is not quite true, but from what we see of our ministers, there might be some truth in … Continue reading

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Bar Council: Obama believes Najib a moderate, but Umno, others a hindrance

Malaysian police and Secret Service vehicles escorting United States President Barack Obama’s motorcade after a town-hall meeting with Asean youth at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Representatives from Malaysian civil rights groups also met the American president … Continue reading

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Obama answers why he is not meeting Anwar

By Shein Shanin, Astro KUALA LUMPUR: The fact that United States (US) President Barack Obama will not meet with Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is not indicative of his lack of concern over civil liberties in Malaysia. The President pointed out … Continue reading

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Khairy: Obama and Najib share natural chemistry

US President Barack Obama accompanied by the Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin on arrival at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base in Subang. PETALING JAYA: It was a busy second day for US President Barack Obama in Malaysia … Continue reading

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Obama: Malaysia cannot succeed unless equal opportunity given to non-Muslims

    By JENNIFER GOMEZ Malaysia must ensure non-Muslims in the country also have equal opportunites as its Muslim majority if the Southeast Asian nation wanted to continue prospering, United States President Barack Obama said today of his landmark visit, 48 … Continue reading

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US committed to supporting MH370 search, says Obama

President Barack Obama says the US is fully committed towards providing assistance for the search for flight MH370. – Reuters pic, April 27, 2014. US President Barack Obama said today that the United States was fully committed to providing more … Continue reading

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