Hello Dr Mahathir, did people vote BN because of money then?

QUICK TAKE: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the rakyat often vote the wrong people into power because of short-sightedness and self-serving considerations like money. So the question is – was BN then voted in because of that as well?

Mahathir stated this in a blog posting, blaming the people’s shortsightedness for voting the wrong people into power for bad governance.

While his statement was made in general, he was commenting on democratic practices in Malaysia which he believes must have limits to freedoms lest we go over the edge and spill over into lawlessness.

“It is assumed that the people, or at least the majority of the people, would be wise enough to choose the most capable people to rule them.

“Unfortunately the people do not always choose the most capable leaders. They may be influenced by race, religion, ideology and a host of other factors when electing their governments,” he said.

The former PM also hinted that money may be the lure and prod for the bad electoral decisions.

“They may also choose because of money. In fact in most cases their choices are based on immediate personal gain rather than national interest.”

This being the case, is he saying that the Umno-led BN has won 13 general elections because of money?

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