The great May Day hijack: Let Labour Day be about the workers

By Hazlan Zakaria

COMMENT: Political parties should perhaps leave May 1 Labour Day to the workers who lack platforms to voice their grievances and issues.

This has nothing against political parties striving for this or that that is the cannon fodder of politics, as they sought for votes, relevancy and mindshare, from a fickle and short-attention span public.

Sometimes, they even do some good and push for change for the better, but perhaps taking over the Worker’s Day parade is too much politicking.

Like buccaneers, political parties have hijacked May Day to launch their own protest rally that have already overshadowed the parade organised by the workers’ movement, way before the day even begins.

Swooping down like the pirates of old on poor helpless merchant vessels, stealing the thunder, so to speak, from the already disenfranchised ordinary working men and women.

Indeed when we hear of May 1 in the news, the story is about Pakatan Rakyat’s anti-GST rally. Hardly is there news of the labour organisation’s May Day Parade.

How many of us know of the May Day Rally being organised by the Malaysian labour movements?

So much so that the Malaysian Trades Union Congress representative in charge of the day reportedly lamented that this is confusing the workers themselves.

“Many people, especially the workers, are confused between the two events and I would like to clear the air.

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