Police misconduct continues unabated. Is there no end to it?


QUICK TAKE: Imagine this. You are a lone female driving home after consuming wine a wee bit too much in the wee hours of the morning. Three “crooks” then flag you down and molest you.

The “crooks” then fleece you of your money and make you wait almost an hour, before your friends come to your aid.

Enraged and violated, who do you turn to for help? If you said the police, think again. What if the crooks themselves are the men in blue?

That is the exact predicament that a 24-year-old woman was forced to endure recently in Kuala Lumpur.

The woman, who works in a fitness centre, had recently lodged a complaint against three traffic policemen at the Pudu police station.

In her report, she stated that she was flagged down by the men near the US embassy on Jalan Tun Razak while she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The men then allegedly made passing remarks about her breasts and one of them even reached into her blouse and groped one of them. Wanting to settle the matter, she was then made to wait for 45 minutes before a friend came to her aid and paid a bribe of RM100.

This is both appalling and enraging. The police are supposed to serve and protect the rakyat, and yet  incidents like this continue to happen.

Remember the infamous “nude squat” incident back in 2005 where a local woman was forced to do squats in the nude in the Petaling Jaya police lock-up, and the act was secretly filmed by police personnel?

Police said it (making detainees perform squats) was standard police procedure to dislodge any items hidden in the victim’s crevices — which itself became a matter of contention between the authorities and opposition figures who exposed the issue.

For full story, go to http://www.theantdaily.com/Main/Police-misconduct-continues-unabated-Is-there-no-end-to-it

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